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Suck my City link

I received ten (count ’em) submissions last night, each with definite merit, but I had to go Pete F. again. What else could illustrate the Worst that is *puke* Perth City Link then this abortion which consumes both proponent and … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 16 Detritus

“Labradors are eating my baby!” That might have been the heart-rending desperate cry in Guildford yesterday morning (if the mother had been there). As this sickening sequence of shots shows: Krazy Kym spotted a baby in the grass. It was … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Coming Down

I walked from Embleton to Claremont and back yesterday and recorded the worsts. If the future wants to know what Perth was like on a Sunday morning in 2011, then this is what it iiiiissssss. I like that the vibrancy … Continue reading

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More empty vibrancy promises seen by Tristan H. Vibrancy is getting very cargo cult-like, as if by saying it enough, the gods will drop a laneway bar on your head.

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Ent Cent

Well since we’re in city redevelopment mode at the moment, perhaps it’s time to have a nostalgic look at The Entertainment Centre, which I think is slated to be replaced by the “Spiderman’s Undies” building in the foreshore redevelopment we … Continue reading

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