Outrage Sunday 16 Detritus

“Labradors are eating my baby!”

That might have been the heart-rending desperate cry in Guildford yesterday morning (if the mother had been there).

As this sickening sequence of shots shows: Krazy Kym spotted a baby in the grass. It was covered in gritty sand. She deployed the Healing Vet Nurse Hands, but nothing could be done – and two ravenous Labradors moved in for an unexpected but welcome feast.

Speaking of Krazy Vet Nurse Healing Hands Kym, here she is outside a business not a million miles from Teh Arrondissement. It used to be a different place. She noted sexy check mini-skirts and ties are a bargain at $10.

Why pay $10 for a chicen and avocado sandwich in the western suburbs when they are strewn across lawns?

Why buy fancy glassware from Kitchen Witch when it can be found crouching in the shrubbery? (Observant TWOPers may notice a sinister familiarity to this scene).

I drove past the En Cen at a safe distance this week. From Roe Street it looks strange, disturbing, violated. I sat in my Jizz and reflected on the time I saw Dire Straits there with my friend Greg Wildison when we were in Year 11 in 1982. The ticket was $17.90 – I only know this because a slap-up Whopper meal afterwards on Murray Street was $2.10. A redback for a top night out. I liked the band (and was very impressed when Mark Knopfler included a reference to the Don Lane Show in a song), but they never seriously threatened my worship of Pink Floyd and Australian Crawl. Nothing has.

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38 Responses to Outrage Sunday 16 Detritus

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    Poor Doll, I bet the little girl who that belonged to was sad but in a way the dogs still got something to play around with.


  2. JaneZ says:

    H-A-I-K-U, H-A-I-K-U, H-A-I-K-U,
    and Haiku was his name-o


  3. Lucky Star says:

    En Cen is even better close up. If you even take public transport, you can see right in from the bus lane along the back, and there’s now a stairway to nowhere around the left hand side of the building.


  4. local lad says:

    I used to work at the ol’ En Cen back in the 80s.
    I wasn’t a big fan of Dire Straits though I enjoyed the first concert, the second was a photocopy of the first, the 3rd concert – Saturday night was a little different – because it finished 20 minutes early – there must of been something on TV Knoffler wanted to see. By the 8th identical concert in row I was in dire straits myself and ready to jump from the outer balcony.


  5. You had to touch it didn’t you…


  6. phreestyle says:

    I don’t want to quibble, but we always called the ‘ent cent’ – with a heavy emphasis on the ‘t’.

    Where are you going tonight?
    Going to see Rainbow at the ent cent.


  7. JaneZ says:

    I am guessing En Cen might rhyme with something vaguely frenchy sounding, like “chanson” or “sans”.

    It was always the hard edged int cint back in my day. But I have a huge gap in my Ent Cent memory between something disney-ish on ice, and then my teenage years which were all about movies at the Lumiere: on pot, as ice had not yet been invented.


  8. Sandy Balls says:

    Greetings WOPpers,

    Haven’t read or posted for a long while – am ensconsed on Christmas Island. It’s like being in Perth in 1932 but with 1990s internet speeds.

    Talking of the Ent Cent (as it should be)… does anyone remember the telephone booth-sized late-night bar that opened up opposite the centre on Wellington St during the mid 80s? Then, to open an establishment after midnight – other than a nightclub, required that alcohol could only be served with a substantial meal. The (I think) Chinese proprieters devised a surprisingly successful method of serving-up substantial-looking, yet outrageously tasteless and ultimately, unsubstantial, plates of food at a rapid rate to keep their remarkably well-priced drinks flowing into the wee hours.

    It was one of the few alternatives to a nightclub then – when you just wanted less-thumping music and a drink in the early hours. I remember the hot dog Mini van used to set up shop just over the road to cater to the Ent Cent outflow at the end of a night too.

    Cheers to TLA and everyone for the New Year – TWOP simply has to keep going, it accounts for the missing 50% of my memory over the past 3+ decades resident in Perth.



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