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More Press Outrage!

Shouldn’t this read “Written by The Lazy Aussie with two other bastards, one of whom was particularly work shy.”???!!! I’m going to join this Change.org petition to have him sacked. The work shy one. When he should be naming, he’s … Continue reading

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The Outrage Denunciation

Well if only 380 (at time of writing) want Outrage Cohen out of journalism, then he is not doing his job! And therefore should be out of journalism. Surely we can get this above 10,000, where he could be proud … Continue reading

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No kerning issues here. Sheesh. The fridge has been a war zone since these magnets were unwrapped at the Xmas office party.

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The Smell of The Horror

The Worst of Perth officially starts its 4th year of production! That’s 48 000 coments, 1300 posts and 2800 uploade original images. Let’s celebrate with a story of TWOP stalwart Outrage Cohen hanging atround outside a public toilet. And we … Continue reading

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First they came for the fart gas…

Yesterday I was bemoaning the state of journalism, but today my spirits have been lifted by this masterpiece of the gerbatorial art seen by Bento in The Subiaco Post. Although unbylined (Angela Pownall of The West take note), it has … Continue reading

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…gets the chiks

Not my photo, but a worst that can’t be ignored. Outrage Cohen selling media ball tickets, or Chicks aka chiks. And here’s a press release from Liz Constable with more fucking vibrancy. Hopman Cup? Vibrant my arse. FUCK OFF with … Continue reading

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Man to Man Menswear

Why the hell does The West continue to run its crappy racing liftout? My theory is that the paper would feel embarassingly thin if it wasn’t padded out with Doomben dogs. Woogle it, it’s true. However I do have a … Continue reading

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