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court sex

Many thanks to those who sent me this, from Teh Toady. Bento was first: “Well that’s just asking to get caught, isn’t it,” the heavily-insured rainmaking full-glossed stumbling hipster said. If the magistrate and orderly didn’t see anything, surely they … Continue reading

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The Outrage Denunciation

Well if only 380 (at time of writing) want Outrage Cohen out of journalism, then he is not doing his job! And therefore should be out of journalism. Surely we can get this above 10,000, where he could be proud … Continue reading

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Work ethic

Sheesh. It seems like only yesterday I was fridge FAGged. Now my work ethic is being publicly questioned. I must try harder. But as Yoda says: “There is no try, there is only do.”    

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Outrage Sunday 186 Satterley pines

You know reporters are reluctant to push their stories, and they hate talking about themselves. But here’s the scene from the zone of death at 56 The Esplanade in the Grove on Tuesday morning, as featured in Teh POST. People … Continue reading

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