Outrage Sunday 28 fix the taps

An unworst to start: far, far away from the passive-aggressive anxious clenching of West Perth and the faith-hating, anti-gay, Marx-loathing madness of Como is the curt direction of Peppermint Grove (spoilt only by the untidy arrow):

I hope the taps were fixed at BoFo. There was a lot on yesterday: Bento parading his Movember at BoFo, Shazza’s boat at a shark-ravaged Rotto, me making an upside-down pear gingerbread cake in my gourmet preparation station, Kim Kardashian’s hubby lawyering up, and The Control Paradigm Workshop:

Do you wonder why events in Iraq over 5000 years ago still influence the world today?
Are you interested in being “free” and want to know what that means?
Do you have an interest in law and how to use it?
Do you struggle with “the system” but are not quite sure what that system is?
Do you have an interest in controversial even forbidden history?
Are you interested in the political elites? Do you want to “fix the taps”?
How do all these tie together?

For a $200 donation you could have been at a Perth Truth Seekers workshop with Rob Halford:

There isn’t much about what happened – or happens – in Iraq in Candy, which is why she may be in a Shenton Park flower bed:

Also in Shenton Park they are either rehearsing for the zombie apocalypse, protecting their verges, or erecting the barricades:

It’s enough to leave you feeling as flat as a squashed hat on Waratah Avenue in Dalkeith:

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23 Responses to Outrage Sunday 28 fix the taps

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    Where has the tap gone?


  2. Saltysuzy says:

    Why is the truth seeker dude dressed like a Jedi gone to the dark side?


  3. shazza says:

    Sharks galore over at the beautiful island DFOC. I tried to get a pic for TWoP, alas no luck. But I’m sure the danger they present doesn’t come close to that posed by the NWO…
    Earth to Rob Halford, you look like a complete plonker in that fancy dress costume.


  4. ‘ullo ‘ullo ‘ullo…(rocks back & forth on heels)


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