Outrage Sunday 48 bidet you adieu

What a wonderful week! My birthday, PROSH, The West bails from the Press Council, April Fools, Oettinger at $40 for 24 half-litre cans, and the anniversary of when we killed Jebus! It really is a wonderful world. On one of our many birthday celebrations (I am 46) we loved this shopfront on Teh Arrondissement. I pleaded with Krazy Kym to buy it for me but no joy.

Of course I immediately thought of that notorious rainmaker Bento when I saw this. Not because he gives people the shits: JOKE! Should you have your bento so close to your bidet? Is that good feng shui?

Now you know I, like our comedy-performing overlord, dislike recycling stuff from the Internet. But this from one of my Astana sources was just too delicious. It also gives me an excuse to show this.

To the shops at Claremont yesterday: sometimes when I go to the Quarter, I park where I want.

Is this the best April Fool’s joke ever? Please don’t tell anyone, but I believed it for most of the day – until I realised the date – after which I told everyone it was a prank – but then someone pointed out earlier coverage – I was so confused – it’s a cruel, cruel, world.

Have we been hard enough on Perth Now? Some think not. I enjoyed this effort yesterday. Random Breath Test? Glendalough is in Wembley? Under way is one word? Gairdner is Gardiner? Sheesh.

Happy Easter and gets lots of egg on your face.

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17 Responses to Outrage Sunday 48 bidet you adieu

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    Note who one of the Coppers is -1st Class Constable Declan Kelly – One wonders if he is related to a former General Manager of 6PR ? Or did Rattler pull a few strings in getting his former boss a new job ?


  2. GAFC says:

    I was the person appearing on the news commenting on the RBT hit and run story as a ‘neighbour’. Glendalough village is across the road, but this side of the road is actually in Wembley so that wasn’t so far wrong. The coverage was abominable though, some of the stories tried to make out like I was the only one there but the 2 sisters down the road were there first and helped out more than I ever could. I didn’t actually see the 2 officers on the ground until after a number of police vehicles arrived and I crossed the road(my view was blocked by our garden wall). Unfortunately I was the only one available for an interview that had been there and I had news crews literally lined up in my driveway this morning.

    I’ve had a number of contacts with the Perth media for various reasons, and every time I deal with them I lose more respect. They have no concept of reality, only a concept of telling an exciting story.


    • Rolly says:

      “………..every time I deal with them I lose more respect. ”

      Well, I can understand that. Any humane person would feel the same.

      “…..They have no concept of reality, only a concept of telling an exciting story.”

      I agree.
      They do have that concept, but little understanding of how to do so without resorting to fiction.
      For most of them, factuality is entirely mythological.


  3. The episode sounds like the three stooges, with Curly running over Moe and Larry. Can they do the ladder gag where one of them is always turning around with a ladder on his shoulder. I hope Moe irons Curly’s tongue when they catch him.


    • Snuff says:

      At least apparently no dogs were hurt. And DFOC, had that store had a functioning demo model (set on masssage), it would have immediately been yours, plus our modern day Magdalene would then be showing those Turkmenistanis a thing or two.


  4. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Mulitplex has completely fucked Claremont for the next 75 years – why not use Gugeri Street as a carpark? It is for about 4 hours a day anyway.

    I quite like those Audi A5s, looks good in white.


  5. B.T. says:

    Meh. Another day in Claremont. Who doesn’t park on the footpath when the handicap bays are full?


  6. valerie woodruffe says:

    Succeed to the end


  7. Bento says:

    Lay off my hood. Do I come out to your part of town and make fun of the Cash Converters window displays?


  8. billoslatter says:

    Why is it that fuckwit and luxury car go together , like horse and carriage ?


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