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court sex

Many thanks to those who sent me this, from Teh Toady. Bento was first: “Well that’s just asking to get caught, isn’t it,” the heavily-insured rainmaking full-glossed stumbling hipster said. If the magistrate and orderly didn’t see anything, surely they … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 232 mummy doin’ tricks

Friday was busy. After time in the Perth Magistrates Court – aka The Drama Palace – I paused to see if these paramedics needed help. They said they were fine, and cops were on the way. “You may feel like … Continue reading

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Schapelle Shooped?

  This was canvassed on Peter Bell’s always-excellent Monday Panel on 6PR today. The photo on the front of today’s West is…what? The head doesn’t seem to match the neck. Or is it the other way around?

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the inmates can’t wait

Thanks Johnny Charlie.

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Justice Once

More from Hotblackdesiato. We’ve had a house dauber before Hottie. He’s probably right about the death of justice. It has the feeling of a letter to the editor to the West. The house is great. It reminds me a little … Continue reading

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