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Outrage Sunday 271 Number 95

Could you hear my teeth gritting in Claremont? Gaaaaaaahhhh. Sometimes I wonder if we should let the barbarians win – but then I grab my brains. Why bother, though? Either people are binge-watching, or making their life a soap opera … Continue reading

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More Biddin’ on Bondy

Reign of Error grabbed another Bondy bargain at auction. This time it’s Ben Lexcen’s take on him. Lexcen also has a classic year 10 high school style. Probably slightly more skilled than Bondy’s own effort. But he as never going … Continue reading

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Biddin’ on Bondy 1

Reign of Error had the chance to bid on an Alan Bond original this week. Those jailhouse art teachers were perhaps better at teaching how to render a key in soap. 

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An Orgy of Vanished Worsts

I hope the state library is archiving up a storm today, because there’s an orgy of vanished worst this week. Things, sometimes trivial, sometimes major have or are about to disappear from the city.  Click on the smaller pictures to … Continue reading

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Voyage of the Damned

I wasn’t a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie. Veronica Lake Was at the Fremantle WA Maritime Museum when they were redoing the Australia 2 exhibit the other day. Seeing the mannequins up close was a shocking experience. They … Continue reading

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