Outrage Sunday 271 Number 95

Could you hear my teeth gritting in Claremont? Gaaaaaaahhhh. Sometimes I wonder if we should let the barbarians win – but then I grab my brains. img_4982
Why bother, though? Either people are binge-watching, or making their life a soap opera on Facebook. Socialists and homosexuals everywhere. No-one reads; they spend all their time in wine bars and discos. img_4999
And don’t get me started on the standard of sign-writing these days. img_4991
I’m staying inside with some soothing tunes while I re-read my Strunk & White. Good day, sir.img_5002

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8 Responses to Outrage Sunday 271 Number 95

  1. cheapfame says:

    The left of the Grill’d marketing dept are wrangling control again. Personally I would have preferred a non conflict, halal tofu burger with a slither of kale sourced from sustainable forests.

    Is that the ghost of Bondy driving hte W.A INC mystery van down Walcott St.


  2. rottobloggo says:

    “Over all, you did better than 91 percent of Times readers.”


  3. el guisto says:

    Doesn’t compare to the bird next door when she wears her g string bikini….
    Dems what I call real superbuns…..😀


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