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Outrage Sunday 226 bring me the head of Ingvar Kamprad

That ribbon-muter Bento has been to the big blue building again. Has this cropped up in the Perth shop? Perhaps we’re not fussed? At least Ingvar doesn’t have shrunken Santa heads on his shelves. Gotta run! I’m off to read … Continue reading

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Trolley Apartheid

Are there trolley police? By WG. Innaloo.

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Public art triumph

Nice to see some graffiti that you have to think for a moment about whether it’s actually some “real” public art. I quite like it. Could do with some cocks sprutting out some of those coloured circles, but, in any … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 18 Pööplöp

The Ikea catalogue arrived today: please please we will now see no more of those letterbox-cleaning TV ads repeated from last year. It is the lowest form of wit to make jokes about Ikea product names like Jerker, Fukta, Fartfull … Continue reading

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Holly C’s other half picked this up on his way past the butcher at the Innaloo shops. “Sounds like it should be some kind of adult expo,” she says. The floating broccoli is nice, but I’m disappointed they don’t have … Continue reading

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The Yellow Piss Road

Seen on The Scarborough Beach road. By PJW. I’m liking these enigmatic worsts lately. PJW says, “Looks like Dorothy survived the Wicked Witch but not the Morris Place Shopping Centre.” You know it.

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I hate cats – to death

A nice if puzzling find by Blake in Innaloo. Is a cat hatred worth climbing onto a servo roof for? Maybe it is. That’s the third graffiti this week, but the first without obscenity.

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