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Let me tell you a story…

about a corflute emu oom ba da little da da da. Myers. Sorry to bring to mind the ever terrible John Williamson. Hey true blue *puke* once again I ask how American Country can be really good, but Aussie Country … Continue reading

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Condor & The Scotsman

I haven’t posted this before, because my shot from the bus window was tres blurry. I have been meaning to go back  to bolster the category “Shithouse doors.” But Martin makes such a strong case for its worstness, that I … Continue reading

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Cat People

Malcolm McDowell: I didn’t think you were ready, but you are. I knew it when I saw you with IT. Nastassja Kinski: What? Oliver? Malcolm McDowell: You want to fuck that leopard cheetah Honda don’t you? You dream about fucking … Continue reading

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Kenya believe it?

Africa as usual has its problems with droughts, floods and elections, but at least one Perth household is helping by bringing this clock out of the dark continent and setting it up here, where it can no longer contribute to … Continue reading

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Resorting to (carpet) violence

I realised we have had only one carpet since Mazarina slipped into KGB headquarters with a spy camera to get us this. So I looked back through the files and found this one of the carpet at The Joondalup Resort.

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Yule Pay for This

Half a dozen requests to cover Perth’s infamous Christmas decorations. This is the worst one I could see in Northbridge.

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Teddybear Hillsong

Shouldn’t these sinister teddies have headset mics? They go on for some time if you press their hands, something about beasts with multiple heads and lakes of fire or somesuch… This was at the Galleria and it was a little … Continue reading

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A Short Stack of Crap

Worst Graphic Design. Guest Post by Robotnik Robo. Have had a request to cover the outside, or at least the silent bells of La Carillion. Like your attack on the innards. This is a truly appalling piece of design, backed … Continue reading

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Kranskys – Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Worst Design/Architecture Before we get back to the Kalamunda public art atrocity tour, I thought I’d slip you a quick Kransky. I could live with the stripes maybe as “bad for the sake of attention grabbing”, but there’s a topless … Continue reading

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