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Sorry, Guy’s off

Northbridge. Guy is so played.   

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Down the Chicen Hole

One I missed in the list, but somehow now prescient seeing that knobhead Daryl Somers is doing another hypnotism show. Presumably in blackface. By Ed T. Follow the squawking chicens. Follow… And forget there’s a number seven…forget… Northbridge.

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The Glitter Act

We should have such an act. Really. We should. Northbridge.  

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The Bucket

A Northbridge ciggie bucket nexus Sunday morning. We’ve all been there yeah? By Reign of Error.

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By NF#1. Maybe fuckets are a thing. In which case, your kerning is a disgrace. I SAID GOOD DAY. Although even Buckets for Jesus would have been worst worthy. Northbridge.

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As soon as the Brian Burke influence is removed from the Cultural Centre, standards begin to fall. The Burkean bulkhead against homophobic art critics has to be restored! The authorities have still not answered my questions about where the plaque … Continue reading

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I like horses that laugh in the face of artistic rendering. Lovely. Northbridge.

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Erasing Memory

Ahem, Lisa Scaffidi, She-Ra Princess of Power, long may you reign etc…What has happened to the plaque announcing the opening of the Cultural Centre by Brian Burke? Clearly seen here seven or eight years ago? If it is being “culturally … Continue reading

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Ed T sees a used urine simulator kit in Northbridge. I usually get the Latino myself, but newbie mistake… On the other hand, WOT FUCK? Latino? Syringes? Heat pads? $189? HEAT PADS? 

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A cup of wine…

…some boozie holders and some ciggies. Slip in a Calippo and it all makes sense. A fatal shore, Northbridge.  

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