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By James N. Not sure what to add.  

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Cider House Rules

James N. describes a mannequin house. A mannequin house people. If we’re going into ten years, it might as well be with a mannequin house. Location not described. 

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Concerned of Bayswater

Come on Baysie, local crackpots and busybodies want to be able to eat their dinner off your facades! Who is this sans serif-ed crusader? Where is their laminator? From the zip file of James N. This notice board has given … Continue reading

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Kraken Wakes

Another beauty from James N’s worst zip file. The Margaret River Kraken.

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And France is better

Margaret River by James N. I like the xx.

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Winging it

I was just about to wing it. But now. Not. Bayswater masterpiece by James N. Please. 

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Bayswater Deserves Basso

Lot of competing Bayswater FB groups at the moment. Basically in response to Bassendean and Maylands residents snickering into their pinxtos in their pubs and small bars as Baysie continues to be a shithole with a cheese shop and (now) … Continue reading

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It’s so cold…

…my pussy’s frozen solid. By James N. Inglewood. I don’t see too many egregious plants, but I do love some metal lattice atop colourbond.

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Nee How

By James N. I have always thought of Nedlands as an ordering sexual kind of place. Surely Sir Charles would have put some order into the swinging Nedlands scene? The dead hand of nearby Subiaco no doubt. Can you really … Continue reading

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Skid Pig

More from James N’s cavalcade of perversion. Bayswater. You may think he’s towing it, but he’s actually delivering it. Bayswater deserves better mofos. Yeah, you know it.

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