Ricky Grace – The New Adrian Barich?

Look, sorry to loiter in this arrondisement again, but I had two contenders for posts today, both on Beaufort Street, and both featuring the “C” word. Ever since the “Adrian Barich Incident” I’ve been seeing cunts everywhere. Anyway, as we comedians would say, “What’s the deal with Ricky Grace?” Will be a nice complement to the Tiny Pinder donger, but Ricky doesn’t seem the type who would have aroused nasty graffiti. Or do the quotation marks mean someone else just referred to as Ricky Grace?

Now, tell me. I know there was a gay sauna somewhere on Beaufort, (I think soon to become a vanished worst) but never knew where it was. Is this blank door the location? I would have thought there’d be a peephole but if was not here, then where?

he was a "Basketballer"

he was a "Basketballer".

And thanks to Bento for noting that Ricky is now redeemed. Ricky the cunt is now just another vanished worst. Unfortunately for Ricky and Barra, the image will be archived forever by the state library. Thanks for the pic Bento.

Not even a bastard

Not even a bastard

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32 Responses to Ricky Grace – The New Adrian Barich?

  1. skink says:

    the sauna used to be at 565 Beaufort (upstairs on the corner of Vincent) there was an unmarked glass door, and the upstairs windows were blank

    it closed recently


    er…I have a friend that used to go there

    no, really


  2. Mazarina says:

    This is somewhat off topic, but still dealing with cunts of sorts. I’m absolutely kicking myself for not having a camera handy – this morning on my way to work, I saw a red ferrari at a set of lights, and on one side of the car, there were graphics resembling bullet holes. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I thought flames were bad enough, but BULLET HOLES!!!!!! and drawn on to boot. yeah, watch out for the mean ganaglands of suburban Perth! tsk.


  3. Bento says:

    It sounds to me like Mazarina has just laid the groundwork for a TWOP manhunt.

    Can there be a prize, LA?


  4. You always need that camera charged. I find myself carrying three sometimes. Would have missed the Barrra graffiti otherwise.
    Waht area maz? I’m sure someone will know the car. I have quite a few vehicular worst saved up.


  5. Bento says:

    A Ferrari with bulletholes? My first guess is Dianella.


  6. It’s the sort of vehicle I’d expect John Dorazio to drive.


  7. Groucho says:

    This doorway dates back to the plastercine era, a fine example indeed. However, it does look sort of gay Roman Sauna-ish……

    LA, I am presuming the other photo was of an actual ‘C’ake shop….


  8. Mazarina says:

    Unfortunately I saw it in the CBD at the King St/Wellington St intersection, so it could have originated from anywhere. It does have a black number plate starting with GBT. but seriously, how many ferraris are there around with fake bullet holes anyway? if you saw it you couldn’t miss it! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was John D’Orazio’s though.


  9. You sure they weren’t arseholes Maz? It’s a common mistake.


  10. BrownBook says:

    Maybe it’s just where the bratwurst and kransky is delivered (for Alt Heidelberg – A very ‘not worst’ restaurant, by the way).


  11. Mazarina says:

    I’ll also have to tape that camera to me so that no more golden moments will ever be missed!


  12. Brownbook. I think you sent me the other c word submission yet to go up for Beaufort Street. Soon.

    This place is actually quite close to a former Sattler residence from years past.


  13. Mazarina says:

    could have been arseholes, but there were so many, it was like some kind of super pooper machine!


  14. Groucho says:

    You can buy Bullet Hole Decal Sets as per this link.
    It actually says “Fits Ferrari F50” and the sales pitch is “Put ’em on and you’re sure to get comments! The ultimate illusion and areal blast!”

    Definately not misleading.



  15. Adam says:

    Totally off topic, but i love the way Google Maps has half-covered the shadow of the car in this street view shot.


  16. BrownBook says:

    Let me also add that Ricky ain’t no Barra. The man’s a champ, despite being slightly cruelled by the demise of his Wiggles ‘n Giggles thing.

    When the Wildcats were struggling he, along with most of the roster, would personally call season-ticket holders to follow-up on renewals and was charming on the phone.


  17. Bento says:

    I’ve always thought Ricky and Barra were both pretty amiable, really.

    Perhaps this is why I find the thought of graffiti calling them both cunts so entertaining.


  18. Yes, Bento, much more value than calling Murray or Sattler.


  19. Cookster says:

    Murray did a very nice job of plugging his latest column in the Wurst when speaking with Geoff on 720 this morning. Now why would he go to Murray for political commentary I ask? Any commentary for that matter…


  20. Bento says:

    Why would you call Nurry when you’ve got Peter Kennedy on your books??

    I guess they have to have a right-wing blowhard on air every now and then, in the interest of ‘balance’.


  21. Local politics is a subject which Teh Paul does actually know something about, in contrast to his usual pieces, so it could be worse.


  22. Groucho says:

    ……the door !!! So why does 283 Beaufort street have a side address of 8 Fore St ???


  23. You thinkin’ portal? Yes it looks like it should be brothel, but the missing peephole means probably not.


  24. Bento says:

    An upstairs brothel would go some way to explaining how ‘Winnie’s Boutique’ traded there for so long. I only ever saw one kimono in the window, over the last 5 years or so.


  25. Slanderer says:

    There are c’s everywhere you look. Wednesday night’s Chanel 7 news had an uncensored bikie soundbite outside the courts: “The magistrate’s a c***.” Has Barich been moonlighting on the side of the law?


  26. Ricky’s image now cleaned up.


  27. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Ricky Grace, the bloke who posted the Wildcats Rap has also posted this “gem” – the Wildcats Anthem, sung to the hallelujah chorus.



  28. I’ve got bullet holes in my left buttock.


  29. Vic Demised says:

    They’re not bullet holes any more, J’Scro -they’re scars now. And I saw “Morley Molls and Bullet Holes”, so I know how you got ’em. It was during that scene in John Dorazio’s mazeratti, as you flashed past Galleria shopping centre with those two Gypsy Joker chicks beneath you, on your way to a Wildcats game. One of my all-time fave porn flix.


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