Ixnay on the Untcay

Look if you want Adrian Barich to come to your rally guys, just ask him – but easy on the potty mouth OK. I think he’s a little sensitive.

Only a couple of days a go I was bemoaning (Is “bemoaning” a Paul Murrayism, or is that “methinks”?) the flaccid state of Curtin Guild’s organ, Grok. The same lack of fire doesn’t seem to apply to the National Union of Students, NUS though from the look of their poster. The Guild is supporting the event too, although I’m not sure if those sorry looking goths/emos or whatever will have to be evicted from the Wesley Church site by our student leaders. (Oi depressing cunts, fuck off!) I’m not entirely convinced that a stencil font is really the way to go either. I’m thinking donated (ie free) graphic design work. Not really Paris ’68 is it guys? See below for how it should be done.

Apparently you can meet at the guild courtyard (ie tavern) or meet your fellow travellers on site. You can get more info from this email, educationvp@guild.curtin.edu.au maybe including information on whether calling your supporters cunts is working as a marketing ploy. Sounds like a John Singleton campaign to me. If anyone emails, let me know what they say.

Now THIS is how it should be done. (Apologies to superb Frog graphic design)

Now THIS is how it should be done. (Apologies to superb Frog graphic design)

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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18 Responses to Ixnay on the Untcay

  1. ozatheist says:

    Now that is funny.

    I’m sure the Wesley Church are going to have fit when they hear about the campaign slogan “Oi Cunt ..”


  2. Rolly says:

    That’s sexual discrimination!!!!!
    What about all the useless *pricks* who inhabit the ranks of the student populus?????


  3. Snuff says:

    I think it’s a message to the Curtin University of New Technology, TLA. The NUS must have missed the memo about dropping the New.


  4. I might ask the Guild if we can use their slogan for Open Day coming up in a couple of weeks.


  5. So they won’t be getting Barra at the barracades then.


  6. On another topic, what’s going on with your avatar Bill? it looks like you’ve wandered into an unfamiliar pub, and are not sure where the toilets are.


  7. That is the effect I am aiming at. It is not me it’s Tim Blair : my nemesis. He’s a five star arsehole like Murray.


  8. Vic Demised says:

    I lament the mysogyny inherent in the use of a very old word (it’s in Chaucer as ‘quoint’) as a term of derision.
    A parallel is yoof’s use of ‘gay’ to mean anything unfavourable, as in ‘My hair is, like, so gay.’
    Doesn’t anyone read Marshall McLuhan any more?


  9. Bento says:

    Marshall McLuhan’s a cunt.


  10. Vic Demised says:

    Your message is your medium, Bento.


  11. The posters appear to have been removed, even the non obscenity ones. Perhaps a “retooling” is happening?


  12. David Cohen says:

    Haiku #6102

    Action, consequence
    Means empty church. In his grave
    Dan Cohn-Bendit rolls.


  13. Arylene Westlake says:

    GROK = flaccid?
    Looks like you haven’t met the Western Independent…

    And yes, those posters are cuntingly ugly.


  14. Grok is so bad that I actually prefer the Western Toerag. The main problem I have with the Independent is the different font on each headline.


  15. Dan Tsorik says:

    Shouldn’t that bottom one read ‘Oui cunt’?


  16. I was waiting for that one.


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