Darling Range Hotel

I went and took a look at this extraordinary building, one of the few – perhaps only building to be knocked back for redevelopment by whatever SAP DAP or back sack and crack was in the saddle. That the one building that most people would be not particularly outraged by a demo is the one that got saved is interesting. It stands in a vista of desolation and ugliness, boasts “a” skimpy and has cocoses. And looks like a craphole. But I’m kind of sympathetic to the poor cunt that would drink here. And the single skimpy that would have to serve him. The Dodgy History Here.

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25 Responses to Darling Range Hotel

  1. Rong1 says:

    Now THAT belongs in Mirrabooka!


  2. Reign of Error says:

    Reminiscent of the Club Hotel in Wiluna. Is the public bar segregated?

    As an aside, if you find yourself with a spare minute or two over the course of the day, TripAdvisor reviews on the Club Hotel Wiluna are well worth a read. I can vouch for their authenticity.


    • Yes. Old mattresses have to drink out the back.


      • Reign of Error says:

        ‘xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx’ drying out in the sun if I were to hazard a guess. Either that or the Bar Useful suffered another nocturnal emission event.


    • you'll get wet says:

      The whim creek pub is now in indig hands and has been redecorated with historical photos. Meals pricey but caravan park draws tourists and locals. My mates letter to Barnett with a proposal for a Nevada style bordello for the old bangemall inn near mt Augustus was too late to save him and probably didn’t get past the thick pommy sec in his cott office. I hope she realises its all her own fault her boss lost.


      • Reign of Error says:

        A Murchison bordello…..sounds like a prime candidate for Royalites for Regions funding if you ask me. Monies from the emergency services levy would surely soon follow being ‘critical infrastructure’ and all that.

        Re: the inn, I thought the Seventh Day Adventists got hold of that establishment about 30 years ago to revoke the liquor licence and banish the demon drink from Mt Augustus once and for all. If that’s the one I’m thinking of, they were about as popular as a poo in a hat afterwards.


        • you'll get wet says:

          That’s the one. They weren’t bush ppl, had to go shopping in Perth on weekends and couldn’t bake their own bread like station ppl.

          My friend wants mini gardens of eden with tropical fruit planted at windmills for tourists camping stops Along the way. Then a giant neon Dolly Parton appears in the desert to point thirsty pilgrims to the bordello. He’s even integrated mock ww2 dogfights over Corunna Downs and a tour de Gascoyne bike race thingy. Colin could leave office with a bang.


      • Yeah Right says:

        Crikey…. I dropped in to the Whim Creek for just a beer and a sandwich nearly 40 years ago…. I left many months later after camping up on the top verandah and just being part of the fixtures for all of that time….. The oysters are brilliant if you want to take a drive down to the coast and just pick them off the rocks and I wonder if there is still a care taker at the mine? I always thought that abnormality began just south of the 26th but now I’m convinced that it is equally spread both above and below said latitude. Just reflecting on a fascinating life here is all.


        • you'll get wet says:

          Fuck yeah. Balla Balla! My theory is that Winton fucks everything up the further north he starts writing about. He writes it into civilised correctness, southernises everything. I haven’t given the Kimberleys away yet but I’m preparing to make a stand on the nt border. Pockets of absurdity are essential to free men. Winton non passeran. No country for old oysters. Oh sweet oyster of youth…


  3. GivDBird says:

    I only wanted a medium pint ffs


  4. Bento says:

    Interior here: https://theworstofperth.com/2010/03/08/range-rover/
    I can’t begin to imagine what the ‘accommodation’ is like.


  5. cheapfame says:

    On occasion time permitting, I have had the pleasure of parking up and completed some work on my tablet in this carpark. It has a bloody fantastic vibe and all sorts of lovable rouges were also in their vehicles.

    Forgive me if I am wrong but doesn’t the corner building house Bayleaf Indian Restaurant ?

    $8 Emu Bitter Pints, Bingo, Chase the ace, Skimpies. Finish a great night off with the xxxxxx goat curry.

    What a country….


  6. Zuben says:

    What WA Tourism really thinks ?


  7. Reign of Error says:

    I reckon if you shined a CSI black light on those mattresses they’d look like lamingtons.


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