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Finding the Legend

Reign of Error continues his wonderful Naval Base work. A fresh piss ring, probably even still warm! Many thought they were myths. I haven’t seen one myself since 1981. But at Teh Base… By the way. Smoke Meth.      

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Stained Glass

Wonderful Naval Base work by Reign of Error. (Wasn’t this Pete F’s ground?) The burnt out bar of the Naval Base Hotel with hideous glasswork. You don’t get more TWOP than this. Brutal. Truly brutal. I feel we can put … Continue reading

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Pity the fule

By Pete F. From his (I assume) hood Naval Base.

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Weekend Worstoff 200!

200 weekends of worstoffs. “Roll out the red fatted calf.” I was hoping this was a “vagina dentata” when I saw the thumbnail. From Pete F. South Fremantle. Ned E, thinks there may be some big combine vibrancy in Forrest … Continue reading

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Rick: Why did you have to come to Casablanca? There are other places. Ilsa: I wouldn’t have come if I’d known that you were here. Believe me Rick, it’s true I didn’t know… Just a suburban scene by first time … Continue reading

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You can’t take the cock out of Cockburn…

This is disgraceful. Have pride in your area man! If you do business in the land  of the burnt cock, then err, suck it up. It’s COCKBURN! COCK plus BURN! What part of cock and/or burn don’t you get? You’re … Continue reading

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