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Death of the ants

James N documents the death of the Bayswater ants. Part of Alannah’s drive to envibran Bayswater no doubt. Shame. Why is it always the little people that suffer?

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Pacific Solution Finally Succeeds

I like Snuff am on holiday, but let me note that The Pacific Motel in Highgate, complete with its wan-jinas has finally gone, after maybe 6 years of dereliction, plus a previous few full of derelicts. another one vanishes.

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Aussie Motors

Speaking of vanished worsts, Aussie Motors (formerly Auto Mako complete with shark logo) is now gone, forecourt and all. A new building going up, not doubt catering to tapas, fixie, poodle owning types. Also long gone across the road is … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 31 bedlam

Ferrall pere et fils must laugh like drains when they get the TWOPment. “Yack it up, you balcony-dwelling, quince paste sniffing, neo-Kantian corksoakers ‘cos we are about to crush our toes by dropping our wallets on our feet.” Krazy Kym … Continue reading

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Get well Dog

You’re weak dog. Piss weak. Bayswater by Ljuke.

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Back to a sort of more traditional worst, the rotunda thing at The Sandringham Hotel in Belmont, which EV  saw was set to be demolished. I seem to remember videoing some obscenity like an Italian engagement or similar that culminated … Continue reading

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Perth Wurst

Method6155 found the site of the original “Perth Wurst”, where top quality meats were once cooked up. Sadly derelict, and no doubt ready to join the ranks of vanished wursts soon. The La Porchetta VW worstworthy in itself.

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