Weekend Worstoff 120

EG saw this vanishing worst, but I’m not sure where it is. (Can’t remember if you wanted your whole name listed EG). Lovely picture and record for posterity. Wonder what the inside looks like. Turf sent this. It is a little hard to work out why it would be worst, and yet it is. Perhaps TWOP is such a cultural juggernaut, that the mere act of posting a picture renders it into a worst? This becomes a little more sinister every time I look at it. EG also sends in this Medina Park, which I’m pretty sure we have had a year or two ago, but can’t be bothered searching to check.And Leroy sends in news of a gorge sale in Palmyra. Gorge, like happiness, is on the rise.Worst well.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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34 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 120

  1. shazza says:

    First one is in the industrial area of OConnor.


  2. rolly says:


    Morning Glory, Afternoon Delight, Bedtime Special…….??


  3. skink says:

    Mrs. Skink had an interesting encounter last night

    we were eating dinner in Perth’s finest restaurant and my better half retired between courses to refresh herself.

    when she returned to the table she asked: ‘what does Tim Winton look like?’
    ‘because I think I just bumped into him in the ladies’ toilet.’

    she was washing her hands at the sink when he emerged from one of the cubicles. Their eyes met, and there was a moment of hesitation when each wondered whether they were in the wrong loo.

    He then smiled sheepishly and left.

    A quick recce of the table around the corner confirmed it was indeed the man himself.

    conversation over dessert consisted of wondering whether Winton likes to sit down when he pees, whether he is short sighted and failed to recognize the sign on the door, or whether as the state’s greatest living novelist he considers he has earned the right to piss wherever he damn well pleases.


    • Natalia Fan #1 says:

      Awesome story – good fodder for some Wintoning.


      • Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

        “As if” on cue..

        Phwoar, he breathed. That was a close brush. He could still feel his hands tingling, his cheeks flush and burning. Flush. A strange word, laden with all the immanence of a plunging cormorant headed for the silky estuarine depths of the human heart. He wondered if she’d recognised him. But how could she not have. How embarrassing. The pangs began again, stabbing at his bladder. It was all that celeriac, most probably. Should’ve had the lentils instead.

        Suddenly it dawned on him, a cresting spume of realisation rolling in across his silver-bound beach of a gifted and deeply perceptive mind. She would tell! For sure, if she knew him, she would tell! And he’d left the seat all warm and… he stifled the thought. But now he had to know. He doubled back, sidling away from his private table and edging along the dull mocha plaster, discretely he hoped, as imperceptible as the literary value of a complex character study predicated on the shifting rhythms of the sea and its variegated chorus of disparate songs, the low throbbing lull of the humpback, the chattering silence of the bluefin tuna, the… but these were defeatist thoughts. He couldn’t let this get him down, couldn’t let it shake him.

        Then, he spotted her, back at her table already, tucking in, and all around, that familiar ruckus and roister, charm and cheer, that echo of those sun-washed days down on the Mole, when we’d all go down for an icecream churned the traditional way and chase around and scream out with joy until the sparkling water itself seemed to ring with happiness, and his stomach knotted up like a crabnet in the spray, and this time it wasn’t the food. They were laughing! They were laughing at him!


  4. BRIK says:

    Where are the children going to get their Kanga Wooden Toys now?


  5. Mike says:

    I’ve been in there when the owner wanted to rent it out as a band rehearsal room. The acoustics were shocking, the inside is full or garbage and the best part, the owner sat across and watched us play with xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxx like I had never seen before.

    However, this was 1998.


  6. The Legend 101 says:

    Worst averitising Oral B the toothbrush dentists use but all the dentists across austrailia use Colgate and there much better toothbrushers to i had a Colgate 360 but it broke.


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  8. orbea says:


    Up the arse corner! Nice that the top has dyed her roots black.


    • Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

      I can’t shake the feeling that the New Living Vision has already buried its eggs of corruption deep within my brain…


  9. The Legend 101 says:

    That a lot of graffiti and whats wrong with that sign people are happy when they get a nice new house.


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