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Cover your cleansed doodle

Telstra building Stirlng Street Highgate. By MM. MM I know you have a bong de plume but I forgot it.  

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Vote Gabe

I missed Gabe on the senate paper, way down past the Pedo & Roomba Party, but his slogan is “Breaking the Australian Drought one Bottle at a Time”. Rendered in an unreadable kernalicious running writing font. And there’s a curious … Continue reading

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Oops, I did it again 

The power of hand sprayed prohibitive signs has plummeted over the years this blog has been running. Society also. If you think that’s a coincidence, I have a plot involving the government exploding the Highgate stink tower to sell you.  … Continue reading

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Please let me paint dudes with tree beards

Seriously now, this wall mural madness has got to stop. I mean it. Wasn’t I just saying that wall murals were so boring and the most uninteresting idea you could ever have that even SUBI would be doing it soon. … Continue reading

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Bedbugs in the prostitute precinct

I thought they were known as “Johns”? Guy T sees a mattress tableaux on Broome st Highgate, home of the irate prostitute. Well, it’s no Stirling Street, but…  Very much like the “No…In” in the bg. Nicely framed.

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The Cup

A masterpiece by Tim G, that could have only been improved by a Dennis Connor shaped stain amidships. This is not even 30 years old! Upcycle you plonkers. Arera? The prostitute precinct, Highgate.

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Pacific Solution Finally Succeeds

I like Snuff am on holiday, but let me note that The Pacific Motel in Highgate, complete with its wan-jinas has finally gone, after maybe 6 years of dereliction, plus a previous few full of derelicts. another one vanishes.

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ANZ Undies

Undies deposit Highgate. Unless its a sperm bank. By D.

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I would hope it’s Perth White Shirts, with a nod of course to Perth wog sluts. By D of Highgate. This is outside Hungry Jacks (Burger King for BSWAM).

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Prise the towel from my cold dead willie

Motherfucker. That would be the towel I was wearing. I understand it was a hand towel, but surely that’s my decision? Just replace the wet towel on my erection and no questions will be asked. By D. Highgate. Home of the ranting … Continue reading

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