Outrage Sunday 31 bedlam

Ferrall pere et fils must laugh like drains when they get the TWOPment. “Yack it up, you balcony-dwelling, quince paste sniffing, neo-Kantian corksoakers ‘cos we are about to crush our toes by dropping our wallets on our feet.” Krazy Kym and I walked the dogs this week and we were knee-deep in urine-stained mattresses (none, alas, endorsed by famous Beaufort Street Teh Arrondisement residents). What goes out must come in. I bet BSwaM doesn’t see this in his part of the US of A. An explanation of these pics for aliens like BSwaM: if you lie on a mattress and sing the WA state song, you get 5 per cent off your next power bill. Of course this was put on hold during CHOGM. We were thrilled to see a Dunlopillo: could it have been the very mattress Robert Drewe’s father presented to him at the end of the uproar and confusion in The Shark Net?* Our literary and heritage overlords should’ve taken it away for preservation. I ordered the dogs to pull the King Koil queen from under the sensational pile so I could better photograph it, but they cocked their legs. More urine.

*The greatest WA book ever, despite being written by a Victorian.

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16 Responses to Outrage Sunday 31 bedlam

  1. WarriorTom says:

    Am I to once again expect delays in being fellated? maybe there’s a delay in me finding a new schtick?


  2. So it is all about the shoving?


  3. Pete says:

    That last shot is a ripper. Fab juxtaposition.


  4. Bartenders Skills with a Manhatten says:

    Would “lying on a mattress” include “Of course I haven’t done this before with anyone else!”?

    I assume the mattresses are awaiting pick-up on rubbish day as opposed to simply being scattered artlessly about to lend to the beauty of the scene.

    Fantastic last photo…and what looks like a rather interesting house in the first one.


  5. The Legend 101 says:

    Delays of Furniture?


  6. bedbugs says:

    And now you have bedbugs?


  7. ummm...confused? says:

    It’s verge pick up week…what is the point of this blog


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