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Skate Steve Irwin

Slaadi rightly asks why no one has submitted the amateur painting of Steve Irwin at the Leederville  Skate Park. Well, why haven’t you? I love these where the artist almost gets it, but it slips away at the last second. … Continue reading

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The Stingray of Capitalism

A straight out no nonsense superbad worst from Filums Brownbook. Brownbook found it incredible that something so bad could be found at Floreat Forum. You don’t get out to Floreat much do you Brownie? It’s hard to imagine that anyone … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd, Irrational Hatreds #4

It just gets harder to be a supporter of these crazy anti whalers. They seem determined to to make as many people as possible sympathetic to Japanese harpooning. I have, in the past been a sort of passive supporter of … Continue reading

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