Sea Shepherd, Irrational Hatreds #4

It just gets harder to be a supporter of these crazy anti whalers. They seem determined to to make as many people as possible sympathetic to Japanese harpooning. I have, in the past been a sort of passive supporter of their activities, not because of whales, but because it seemed that the whole exercise was designed around getting a root. Young people united in a cause, tossing, tossing, tossing together on the high seas. Would hardly be time enough to save whale one what with having to throw a leg over or under every 5 minutes. The scuppers must running wet from activst juices day and night. However, the whole enterprise now seems to have been skewed towards making themselves look like dickheads. Having your speedboat run over by a whaler, giving your boats dumbarse names. Claiming to have been shot by Japanesers… Thanks to Shazza, for throwing her ethical considerations to the winds to get me this photo of The Steve Irwin. Respects. Are those zombies trying to get through the wire? UPDATE: Richarbl got some great shots too which I am adding. Awesome.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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176 Responses to Sea Shepherd, Irrational Hatreds #4

  1. shazza says:

    I’m sure my letter of excommunication is in the post. But I am, I confess, a paid up supporter.


  2. David Cohen says:

    I love their big chopper.


  3. curious says:

    i like the tally board.



  4. Mez says:

    are they fencing themselves in or fencing us out? The razor wire is a little over the top. Do they think we have harpoons?


  5. CB One says:

    Is that tally for boats they’ve rammed, or boats they’ve been rammed by?


  6. Cimbali says:

    I like the pic of the flag but I am not sure what it means – a skull with a dolphin and a whale on it?
    Does it mean “Warning there are pirates on board with cetaceans on their minds”?
    It should have a whale skull and crossed flippers I reckon.


  7. Mez says:

    I bet I’ll see the crew at Little Creatures tonight… coming over here, stealing all our wimmin…


  8. Ljuke says:

    Yushin Maru and Kaiko Maru, but they still haven’t got the Kobayashi Maru? Granted, some have called it impossible to ram, but if anyone can do it..

    Damn, I’m on fire with the nerd jokes today.


  9. skink says:

    “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go on an overnight drunk, and in 10 days I’m going to set out to find the shark that ate my friend and destroy it. Anyone who wants to tag along is more than welcome

    I’m going to find it and I’m going to destroy it. I don’t know how yet. Possibly with dynamite. ”

    I finally worked out what this lot remind me of.

    a load of spoilt boys with big toys and too much testosterone


  10. Mez says:

    ok, while I’m feeling pernickity, what’s with the faux torn edge of their flag? There is a good seamstress in Fremantle (above Warrens Menswear) who could lockstitch that in 5 mins. If they are going to get about with that then they need puffy shirts and talking parrots and big boots and cool shit in their hair like Johnny Depp


  11. Mez says:

    AND what a pissy helicopter! you couldn’t herd guinea pigs with that


  12. Michael says:

    What’s irrational, though?


  13. phreestyle says:

    So, they named their boat after a professional animal botherer? They lost me at that moment.


    • orbea says:

      Have they have named the inflatable duckies after Bindiiiiiiii and that cash-in Sharon Osborne death eater Terriiiiiiii?

      because that would so cooool


  14. shazza says:

    JD Salinger writes a story about social alienation. He dies. Today I am socially alienated. Co incidence? I think not.


  15. phreestyle says:

    I did an image search on Louise Momber. Not one tit in the first two pages. I can’t ever remember that happening before.


  16. shazza says:

    I’m reliably informed the crew were drinking at the Mad Monk Brewery last night.


  17. They also have an operation Waltzing Matilda with an even worse logo, an eyepatched roo with a trident. The free graphic design syndrome strikes again I think.


  18. And the (possibly slightly retarded) Dalai Lama also mentioned as a possible irrational hatred previously sticks his oar in too.


  19. Should have revived earlier tweet for this one.

    “Dying whales copulated in the shallows..”


  20. Sea Shepherd has “Jumped the Shark.”

    In the process they have become an open laughing stock of not only the conservation world but of the general public as well. What started with last summers expose on South Park has become a full blown online rebellion against staged reality television under the increasingly thin guise of protecting and saving wildlife.

    By any metric including Sea Shepherds own Paul Watson they are losing the media battle for the hearts and minds of a non-radicalized public.

    Watson recently posted a long winded and far fetched explanation for why the worlds online comment media is not buying into his spoon fed and faked Whale Wars spectaculars, such as the ill fated “Watson Was Shot” (Whale Wars Season One) and this years alleged ramming of the Ady Gil.


  21. shazza says:

    “losing the hearts and minds of a non-radicalized public”. Would that be the same public driving around with Australian flags attached to their cars almost a week out from Australia Day? The same ones that agree with police having greater stop and search powers? The same public that voted for the bumbling state Libs? Or the ones that think our police minister is doing a good job? Or maybe the public who hang on every word of Howard Sattler and his ilk. Or even those that think the jocks on 94.5 are entertaining?

    I think you make some valid points Obey The Watsonian, but I could never be swayed by an argument based on what the general public (non radicalized) like or dislike.


  22. I expected to get a lot of support coming in for the aquatic rootfesters aboard The Steve Irwin, but even paid up member Shazza seems only half hearted. Maybe they really have managed to alienate their supporters. Particularly supporters who aint gettin any.

    The bumpkin B&S crew put up a more spirited (albeit retarded) defence than this.


  23. The whales are just the meat in the sandwich on this issue.


  24. FFS even I’m losing support for them, and my sister is on the fracking boat.

    Oh, and for those on the hunt for such things, she’s in more dire need of a shag than any three people I know, so if you’re feeling brave…

    There was some serious strut being done by the crew as they walked into Little Creatures on Thursday night, wearing their black crew shirts with “rammed” placed thoughtfully just above their buttocks.


  25. Richarbl says:

    Those whales don’t need the Sea Shepherds and their loose ways anyhow.
    Their krill crushing jaws and mournful songs are more than a match for the exotic food loving Japs with their guided harpoon systems, and specially designed ships that only store a thousand or so. All for scientific research of course, to better understand why the whales are disappearing.

    Besides the whales are protected by sanctuaries that are fully backed by the supreme authority of Peter Garret himself.


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  27. Bento says:

    Hand to hand combat! Steve Irwin possibly to be sold by receivers!


  28. justsomeguy says:

    How does a vegan like Watson get so fat? Look I love whales, but I love people more and sea shepperds racist treatment of the Japanese people and their culture is disturbing and unacceptable. The Nazi’s used racism much in the same way Watson is to manipulate weak willed individuals. That didn’t end well for them and it wont for Watson and his racist followers.


  29. skink says:



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