Outrage Sunday 216 V CHINA

Nicely done, madam. IMG_1469

Bento notes: “Abbott has pushed this country so far the right, we’ve got people goose-stepping towards Mends Street.” They were simpler, gentler times in 2009, when people smiled and wet their pants. Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.59.03 pm
May I talk about myself for a moment? It was a red letter day yesterday when I had my first letter in Teh Voice. Abs Conder, Lofthouse, Buckels: I’m in good company! voice letter
Don’t let this very long blue shoelace fool you: park on this registered verge in Guildford and you’ll be in a World Of Hurt. IMG_1470

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2 Responses to Outrage Sunday 216 V CHINA

  1. Rong1 says:

    The brick paving is a highlight. I bet they failed at jigsaw puzzles.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Shoo lace


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