Outrage Sunday 200 bogan customs

Keep on truckin’…is it me, or can I see Alan Bond’s face?
That pea-grubber Bento pipes up: “The signage doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their artistic ability.” Location undisclosed.
I’m indebted to APILN for the latest Furze Platt news: it came after this Australian C&B scoop. The tiny writing says, I believe, ‘C. Hughes Pindick’.

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8 Responses to Outrage Sunday 200 bogan customs

  1. James N says:

    The Tat Too shop is merely one of the attractions that makes the Bayswater Village a seething hotbed of vibrancy.


  2. juantrak says:

    Shame on you for not knowing that Bogan Customs is a local towie. Right up there with CamelTow for pure class.


  3. you'll get wet says:

    Where’s Bondy’s apparition? Will the Church buy the truck and charge pilgrims to view it?


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