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Beyond dreams of mediocrity

Is living in South Perth really beyond the dreams of others? Is that the limit of dreams in Perth? If you have to ask how much it takes to be a wanker, you can’t afford to be one.  (7m). Would … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 216 V CHINA

Nicely done, madam. Bento notes: “Abbott has pushed this country so far the right, we’ve got people goose-stepping towards Mends Street.” They were simpler, gentler times in 2009, when people smiled and wet their pants. May I talk about myself … Continue reading

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Sleeping with the pigs.

Martin is a Northbridge man, and like all of us north of the river sophisticates, seldom ventures south. Unfortunately circumstances dictated a clandestine trip across the Swan on the weekend. No problem right? Who would notice? Just going to the … Continue reading

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Strong Pineapple Themes

Ah, back to work after nearly 5 weeks. To keep in the holida spirit, A worst by Paul C. South Perth.

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Wise Words

A Worst by Daze Numbered. Mends Street South Perth.

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Lick My Kahunas

A nice, a VERY nice mashup of stencil and artline graffiti. They said it couldn’t work. Has a touch of the Rainbow Lodge about it. Angelo Street South Perth.

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Fisting on Douglas

Now this was a big mistake. It’s right out on the street. This sort of thing should be confined to a private garden. Somehow it reminds me of the work of the oversized norks sculptor. Douglas Avenue South Perth. I … Continue reading

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