Outrage Sunday 217 no dice

No wonder I’m a tempranillo man. No-one’s going to drink your chardonnay if you can’t get the dice right. IMG_1509
Now you’re going to have to have No Junk Mail stickers on your car! Why oh why hasn’t the state government legislated for registered vehicles, like verges? IMG_1482
Those were the days! What were YOU doing 17 years ago? I hear The Sunday Times was making $500,000 per issue. It’s not as much now. Ah, the romance of going into Northbridge and getting the paper to get a head-start on the classifieds. Good times. IMG_1501
I found these bathetic, poignant, Wintonesque. Some of our younger readers may not know what they are. HINT: They are not the Shoes of the Fishermen. IMG_1503

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