The Best of The Worst 2009

TWOP ends another year, nearing 1000 posts, and the depth of submissions and comments make me think 2010 will be even better. There were almost exactly 600 000 views for 2009 and the millionth eyeful was served. Here are some of my favourites in an exceptionally strong field. So many more masterpieces. What were yours?

I don’t think there could be any doubt that Inseminators 09 was the highlight of 2009. It’s still getting comments, now at 600 plus. It was a real eyeopener to city smartarses that country people are really as dumb as they appear in the movies. I also really liked To all my street art friends. My favourite Graffiti was a tagged palm frond. Truly wonderful, although Shazza’s “Wheels on Fire” was just as good.

There was the excellent Matt “Duke Nukem” Buckels election post. And my favourite food was the spankin’ cake, which I think is still in the window. Many people will miss all Jesper’s svenkage in 2010.Vale Jesper.

One of my personal favourites from very early in 2009 was the enigmatic Driver, Ms R who had so little respect for the perspicacity of traffic cops, hoping a piece of foil would disguise her broken mirror.Magical thinking.

Goethe's Wing mirror

But here’s one that really showed the strength of the TWOP community this year. That a picture of two poles could generated 200 plus comments is fantastic. I wanted to add many, many more. perhaps the baffling barbecue plate that was Brocky should also get an honourable mention. Let me know your favourites, and then let’s get stuck into the new year.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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28 Responses to The Best of The Worst 2009

  1. Golden1 says:

    I loved Bare Rooted – an exceptional Worst. Happy New Year to you all.


  2. WAtching says:

    Buckels and Inseminators were first class…

    Two Poles and the Irrational Hatreds series show you for what you truly are, TLA- an Alchemist.

    As for the rest of you….

    You WAnkers shouldn’t sit around and snigger

    Keep Worsting


  3. shazza says:

    What a wonderful wallop of worsts TLA. And of course there has been the wide ranging impact as TWoP spreads it’s influential tentacles across the city. Public Art removed, copy cat journalism in the West, local politicians swept to power, country madness outed, signage changes at the Freo Art Centre, new terminology (Svenkage, Chongs ooshta). And of course so many helpful suggestions for our city planners to take into account.

    The A list awaits you.


  4. David Cohen says:

    Fucking typical: yet again none of my outstanding submissions make it onto this dubious list of excellence.

    It’s an outrage.

    However even I can acknowledge the fine work of Teh TLA this year.

    Just as gerbalists hesitate before doing something naughty in case they end up on Media Watch, so town planners, artists, signwriters and just about everyone else think again lest they end up in the maelstrom that is TWOP.


  5. Jackson says:

    I was particularly amused by the Stargate worst.
    The Brocky one still kills me.
    As a straight out non amusing, this is just shit worst I thought it would be pretty hard to top the Cannington Deli I photographed (albeit badly with an iPhone).
    HNY all


  6. And if I could be bothered trawling through 600 bumpkin comments, the one where the artist didn’t have big tits and only had one boyfriend would have to be comment of the year.


    • WAtching says:

      Sorry mate, but comment of the year goes to shazza
      (i think)…
      I think someone asked for Bentos views on rural suicide…
      her response?
      “I suggest he would be pro”

      I fell off my chair and I still hehehe when i think of it.


      • shazza says:

        That honour goes to Bento WAthcing. And, yes it was very funny, along with ‘sorry I stopped reading when you said you didn’t have big tits’, comment.


    • rolly says:

      It was especially interesting that our country cousins took themselves and their way of life so seriously.
      That they completely failed to comprehend the vacuousness of snide metrocentric wit(?), illustrated well that they had no idea of how brain destroying living in urban environments actually is.
      They simply did not understand that that which passes for ‘life’ in the cities is so far removed from the fundamentals on which life actually functions.
      Only a Metrocentric Twat (©Rolly2008) could have come up with this bit of arrant nonsense: for example.

      Well done lads and ladettes in your endeavours at explaining to our bumpkin friends that they have nothing to fear from their city counterparts: That all the “bunkum” that they promulgate is exactly that; an urbanised variation on the “bullshit” theme: That well balanced bumpkins have ‘chips on both shoulders’ is a direct consequence of them not understanding that basic fact.
      Never mind; there’s always next year.

      May it “Worst” well.


  7. monkeypants says:

    as fantabulous as the mass of other worsts were, i vote for the spankin’ cake;purely based on the notion that all of the regulars on this site probably need one and it looks like a romping good time :)

    Happy New Year everyone!


  8. shazza says:

    I thought the TAFE mining studies tunnel was quite humorous.


  9. Bento says:

    Another cracking year, TLA. I don’t think we can go past the bumpkin pile-on of Inseminators 09, closely followed by the swashbuckling Matt Buckels. Councillor Matt went from being my latte-sipping, tree-hugging bete noir, to a dugong-slaughtering, bald loon-outing, radioactive hero of the people.

    For what it’s worth, I still like the cringing mundanity of London, Paris, Rome, Subiaco, New York. I must go back and see if it is still there.

    More importantly, I feel TWOP is having a real impact. I see people wince when someone says ‘vibrancy’, I see Patti Chong disappear off the face of the earth, I see Duke Nukem swept to power. And I see this, and can only wonder how much of a factor was the fear of TWOP in the decision-making process.

    Excellent work TLA, and the ivory dildoed elites. Happy new year everyone.


  10. curious says:

    my favourite were the peter cundall tweets.

    and the whole shooting match really.

    happy new year folks.


  11. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Worsts – I note that Ted Bull is filling in this week for Bob Maumill on 6PR – didn’t he only recently “Retire” from the ABC ?

    Ahh, 6PR, the Retirement Home for failed Print Journos and refugees from the ABC – see Simon the Kahuna Beaumont.


  12. Richarbl says:

    A year of glorious worstfulness, it surely can’t any worster next year…. can it?
    I don’t have any particular favourites but I would like to congratulate TLA on the continuing and baffling success of this website.
    Sure, he doesn’t do fuck all and he’s not very funny but he is the glue that keeps this band of misfits together to continue.

    At first wasn’t sure about TWOP but its just like being told you have skin cancer, it sucks for a while but then it begins to grow on you.

    Thank you, Thank you, try the James Boag, its a lager.

    HNY to all


  13. Frank Calabrese says:

    From fake She Ra Twitter:


    Goodbye 2009! History will remember this as the year I outperformed Copenhagen. 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck


  14. Bento says:

    It is perhaps telling that this is the story of NYE for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and this is the story for Perth.

    Good riddance, 2009.


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