Brock of Iron

At least I think it’s Brocky. Maybe it’s Brock of irony. The negative version seems to be clearer that it is Brocky, but the lips seem a little louche for Peter Perfect. Another suggestion is that it’s Ian Diffen. No matter who it is, the main questtion is why it is in a sort of grotto in front of a Kalamunda house. Unlike Lillee’s Lair, it seems to be a substantial piece. I love pics like this. This is what the historians of the future will be grateful for.Thanks to Cimbali.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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52 Responses to Brock of Iron

  1. Golden1 says:

    Mel Gibson?


  2. bento says:

    Was Brocky a boxer?


  3. WAtching says:

    I think it might be Peter Ferral.


  4. skink says:

    I hope nobody crashes into it


  5. Bento says:

    This is an outstanding Worst, Cimbali. I love people who wear their heart on their lawn.

    The Shire of Kalamunda has to be giving the Town of Vincent a run, in terms of Worsts per capita.


  6. David Cohen says:

    It could be Kim Hughes (the only Test cricketer born in Margaret River).

    Your Warholisation of the piece improves it dramatically, TLA.


  7. Slanderer says:

    For mine, it is the famous ex-cricketer Dean Jones. Can’t think of any reason why.

    It reminds me of my house hunting days when the spare bedroom in a for-sale in Vic Park had nothing in it but a comfy chair facing a wall with a life size picture of Brian Peake.


  8. monkeypants says:

    if that is brockie then WTF?

    i have a rational hatred of him after working at an event with him years ago in a different life. He was judging a car event where all sorts of individuals entered their various vehicles for a competition to find the quirkiest / most fucked up conversion in Mandurah (Venice).

    He was spruiking the event and each time after he had announced the contestant details and they went off to drive their car around, he would turn around and slag them off as idiots or the like. he was a complete cunt. i couldn’t actually find one redeeming feature about him that day and the hero worship of those poor suckers who had no idea what he was saying was gag worthy.

    blahhhh. he was an australian worst all on his own.


  9. Bento says:

    I think the Energy Polarizer avenged your maligned Mandurians, MP. Anyone remember that? What a plonker. Between the vehicular witchdoctery, the ridiculing of his adoring bogans, and the xxxx-xxxxxxx, Pete was a 24 carat knob end. Good riddance.


  10. thewinchester says:

    I think “Brock of ages” would have been a far better title for this post. That is all.


  11. richarbali says:

    The ridiculous Energy Polariser and associated mystism is certainly odd but another odd thing about Brock was the fact that he never married Beverley.
    For twenty five years or so they maintained the image of a married couple and Bev actually changed her last name to Brock to complete the facade.
    Marketing perhaps?


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  15. The Legend 101 says:

    Its like the statue is popping out of the bushes.


  16. The Legend 101 says:

    where the hell have you been Richarbali? your last comment was like in October 2010 or something live that I thought you had gone forever.


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