Let them spank cake…

…Or, “Strike dear mistress and cure his arse.”

In the 150 plus Italian weddings I had to video in the 1980’s, I never saw a wedding cake decoration like this, but maybe they’re de rigeur these days? I can’t shake the feeling she should be pulling out a rabbit, a bunch of flowers, or flags of all nations.  His passive expression and those eyes that hypnotise… Not to mention the receding ranga cut. Severen, Severen…


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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33 Responses to Let them spank cake…

  1. Tony T says:

    Raunch culture. Even icing is gettin’ it awn.


  2. Vic Demised says:

    Commonly referred to as “The Italian Inquisition” or Tortamada, this traditonal wedding cake decoration dates back many centuries, and symbolises the last time the woman has the upper hand in Mediterranean marriage.

    The red on the groom’s scalp is not hair but blood -symbolising the loss of his intellectual innocence and the bride’s message: Now I will fuck with your head.


  3. Helen Fry says:

    This is just absolutely fabulous… Where can I order one to serve at my next ‘Spank’ kinky dance party?! I’m serious, it would go down a treat… I could build a whole wedding theme around it… or maybe I could get a non-weddingy cake with the lovely couple artfully dressed in bondage gear.

    You couldn’t dream up stuff like this, it does my heart good to see the wonderful imaginations of other slightly depraved people. Good on you Perth people, whoever you are!! Please carry on ‘fucking with our heads’, some of us love that.


  4. Ultra says:

    Excellent! Here I was looking high and low for a sixteenth birthday cake for our little Sydney nightclub and it was over in Perth all along. I personally think that if our club record is anything to go by – we are Sydney’s longest running club night – then you’ll be seeing a lot more cakes like these in the future! Go Avanti!

    The Hellfire Club
    Sydney’s longest running fetish institution


  5. And apart from the heads, I think they’re both totally edible.


  6. Helen Fry says:

    If you can’t get into my website http://www.spankproductions.com.au, you can also find me on facebook at ‘SpankParty Australia’.

    Will be contacting the shop for sure!


  7. skink says:

    this one seems to be pulling in a whole new demographic

    I am curious to know what gems have been popping up in your Google searches


  8. I like this demographic.
    Search results (not connected with this post) have been rather unpleasant the last few days. I did find “What is Perth’s worst cunt?” amusing. What or who exactly were they looking for?


  9. Caribou Bob says:

    mmm delicious!


  10. Fitzroyalty says:

    Conroy’s interwebs philterz would ban that…


  11. js says:

    it was a pleasure to be stuck in traffic on beaufort st this morning whilst looking at the spank action.


    • Just leaving the Jesus statue crazy internet cafe, or the knock shop at 835 js?


      • Grrr says:

        Not that Jesus Dude isn’t a smidge on the scary side (I remember when he was Hippie Records…. now there was a Worst… (more copies of Elton John’s Caribou than you could poke a stick at) but let us not forget that he helped expose another Worst of Perth: Tim Johnson from Firepower.

        At least according to The West.


  12. js says:

    hmm, have to check out the jesus statue crazy internet cafe.


  13. forces says:

    “Severin, Severin”


  14. I really liked your blog article with the cake decorating! I’ve bookmarked it.


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