Couch Surfing

You may have heard of couch surfing, arranging casual accommodation around the world. This literally surfing couch certainly has “location” for the traveller, in the river next to the Kwinana freeway around Comer Street Como. I thought it could be a companion piece to Eliza on the other side of the river, but the trail of broken pieces from the freeway looks more like a fallen off the back of a truck job. It seemed so poetic even surreal wallowing in the waves. Thought it might be time for some The Worst of perth video too. Thanks to Jack for pointing me to this great worst. Also mentioned in Australian Cycling Forum.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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116 Responses to Couch Surfing

  1. Atomac says:

    Last time I saw this couch it was in the emergency lane of the freeway. I assumed it had fallen off the back of a truck. Obviously, rather than the authorities pick it up, it was left there and somebody has tossed it into the Swan.


  2. David Cohen says:

    What are the odds it’s a Merry’s item??

    “For lovers of weather, come into Merry’s for these great soppy specials.”


    • Grrr says:

      Merry’s? If I have learnt one thing from TWOP, it’s that it is Merry’s for leather.

      Is it an Anthony Murry’s?
      Because I notice they have ditched their awful (and by awful I mean quaint) 1970s fuck typeface in their logo for some sort of mid-1990s type.

      I think this ’80s era couch was freaked out by that and escaped.


  3. skink says:

    love the new banner. This could be an icon for the Perth lifestyle

    lazy apathetic garbage, but near the ocean.


  4. flynn says:

    where’s the fridge?


  5. skink says:

    somebody needs to put an old standard lamp and a TV next to it, and a carton of Emu.


  6. Kellie Simone Williamson says:

    Still laughing


  7. Cookster says:

    I used to take deck chairs, a table and a few bottles of vino out to the sandbar off Rocky Bay in North Freo and quietly enjoy a bit of time on the river. A couch would have been perfect.

    TLA, you should have availed yourself of the opportunity to sit in the couch for a TWOP pic opp.


  8. Soularion says:

    This site is full of bad karma Dude, attackin that Chimes dude yesterday. An he’s tryin to save the planet from shit. An here obviously the Flung Shi has been workin to place the couch there man. Dolphins are die-ing in the river dude!


  9. skink says:

    I love the movie.

    it could do with some music, rather than just the sound of the wind, although the wind does add a certain desolate weltshmerz

    may I recommend ‘Sailing By’ by Ronald Binge.


  10. Bento says:

    It reminds me of the dancing plastic bag scene in American Beauty.


  11. Cookster says:

    Found that music…


    • shazza says:

      I think if the photo had been taken on a rainy day like today that music would be fitting, however it’s a sunny kind of shot so I propose the Picnic at Hanging Rock flute theme music.


  12. Simone says:

    Ha, I’m a member of couchsurfing, but we offer a *much* nicer couch near the centre of Freo :D

    This couch in the Swan probably smells a lot better than one I heard about recently smelling of bum though.


  13. my ning says:

    There used to be a caravan park at the bottom of Comer St – a couch in the river across the road in those days would have been quite a tourist/traveller attraction…

    Around 20 years ago at a party in Booragoon (???!!) a late friend of mine was telling me how, when he was a teenager circa 1979, he was walking along that very piece of shoreline (he was living in Como at the time) when he suddently got horny and felt compelled to masterbate. A couple of years later he ran into a girl at a party who started telling him about the time she saw some creep on the Como foreshore having a wank.

    If only he’d had the couch instead of having to lie on the sand next to the jetty…..


    • It would give you something to look at rather than the Swan brewery lights.


    • Cookster says:

      I once tried to set fire to a mattress that was floating past my deck on Regents Canal in Hackney.

      Fucking glad I failed as the bastard thing floated right in under the deck and would have burned us down.

      I used to marvel at the blokes lined up each Sunday morn catching baskets full of fish that looked like badly malnourished sardines… wtf did they do with them???


  14. Cookster says:

    Permission to go off topic? Compiling a list of the unfunniest comedians. So far I have:
    – Glynn Nicholas
    – Rod Quantock


  15. skink says:

    wouldn’t it be easier to compile a list of Aussie comedians who ARE funny?

    I recall an episode of the Glasshouse when Ross Noble and Bill Bailey were guests, and they ran rings around Hughes, Grant and little Wil. They went off on some riff about skateboarding hedgehogs, or something, and the rest couldn’t keep up.


  16. B.T. says:

    Play all three tunes at the same time… couch music, worse than the crap kids listen to these days.


  17. my ning says:

    Steve Vizard would have to be up there; as would Madge Sablawjahjoweverthefuckyouspellhername and the rest of the Fast Forward cast.

    Mind you, watched the first episode of Whatever Happened to that Guy? with Pete Moon and thought it showed some promise (but not enough to get me to watch the second one).

    I agree – Rove is not funny, period. Chaser was way way better when doing CNNN (Andrew Hanson must be one of the most talented people on TV), although they still show moments of brilliance.

    But here’s an interesting one. A few years back, coming back from Kalgoorlie, I stopped in at Merredin for the night and who was performing on a double bill at the local pub – Mark Jackson and Chopper Read.

    Read came across as nothing more than a self rightious, bully murdering, fascist; Jackson, on the other hand, had immpecable timing and, at times, was actually amusing. Wouldn’t have thought it seeing him play for South Freo all those years ago.

    And on the subject of Read, Ronny Johns is only really funny when he does his Chopper act; and what about Merrick and Rosso? They aint that funny either…..

    Too bad Jade Hurley didn’t try comedy – he deserves to be on somebody’s cringe list.


  18. shazza says:

    Haven’t seen his live act Cookster, but Bento tells us his style is Bourgeois.


  19. Cimbali says:

    I think you should all get over yourselves. Everyone of the comedians mentioned had made me laugh at least once – even the ones I hate!

    And even the ones who aren’t comedians but have been bagged here anyway are far more interesting to listen to then you lot banging on about 6PR and the West Australian and Patti Chong.

    What is the point in compiling such a list Cookster? Just write your name at the top of the page and be done with it.

    Sorry .. was that a bit harsh?


  20. Cookster says:

    Aren’t we a bit antsy today? I thought the taser shit was good. Quite a yarn and it had nipples in it.


  21. Slanderer says:

    Hey, I owned that couch in the early 1990s. I was wondering where it got to. How long did you say it had been there?


  22. Didn’t even notice that it had gone past 100 comments. Started out with a couch in the river, and ended up calling Tim Minchin crap.


  23. Claireee says:

    Happy to report the couch is still there. It has been repositioned on the bank with river views, and could perhaps be sold accordingly


  24. The Legend 101 says:

    Poor Crab and dont worry i like The Hoobs been watching it since i was 3 thats a very long time and never get sick of it. I dont know how its intresting but it is some how.


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