Delusions of Mediocrity

Seen by Bento in the Subiaco Council foyer. It is the perfect worst combination of grandeur and cringing embarrasment. Jeezus Subi, how about Bunbury, Geraldton, Wagin, Subiaco, Corrigin? That’s a fight you may be able to win  IF you can lure the tractor pull festival away from Corrigin. The idea that framing this seemed like a good ideato someone is brilliant. Is it a trick of the light Bento or is the text crooked too?


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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27 Responses to Delusions of Mediocrity

  1. David Cohen says:

    What is the metrosexual inner northern suburb dwelling Bento doing in the Golden Triangle?

    Please explain.


    • Bento says:

      The lattes were singing their siren song to me, DFOC.

      I did manage to avail myself of some top-notch reportage whilst waiting for my appointment, I am pleased to advise.


  2. skink says:

    I recall seeing Alexei Sayle perform at the Regal, and he asked:

    “Subiaco – what does that mean?
    is it Italian for ‘street full of shite shops’?”


  3. monkeypants says:

    Well, it’s not actually a surpise is it? I mean over there you have the “Paris end of Perth”, and the “Mandurah/Venice Canals”, so it’s kind of a natural progression really :)


  4. shazza says:

    This is the worst, worst of all worsts so far and someone needs to explain.


  5. neen says:

    And you can’t leave out London Court and our new ‘Melbourne’ laneways.


  6. skink says:

    it’s in the wrong order

    shurely it should read:

    “London, New York, Subiaco, Munich,
    everybody’s talkin’ ’bout … pop music.”


  7. Rolly says:

    Subiaco, RM, in Italy, is a small, rather insignificant but historic hill town, some 50km East of Rome, surrounded by quite beautiful countyside.

    Subiaco, WA, named after the Italian one which was home to the immigrants who first settled there, has deteriorated faster than the original by a large margin.

    Despite having none of the endearing qualities of the original, Subiaco WA has successfully progressed from benign insignificance to become a blot on the landscape and a home for a large community of pompous self aggrandising wankers.

    They like to claim culture; but really what they really display is “cultural cringe”:
    The immigrant mentality, borne of homesickness, that claims all of the good values of the place they abandoned, whilst ignoring all the reasons for leaving there in the first instance.

    It’s always good to remember that we are all immigrants, or the descendants thereof; except, maybe, our dark skinned cousins who we continue to try to sweep into historical oblivion.

    One of the things that Subiaco, WA, does not have is the sort of organised crime gangs who hold the country to ransom.

    Now, if certain sections of our community were to up-style their dress standards, move residence to a leafy Western suburb, and ride in black Alfa Romeo limousines with darkened glass, we really could have a claim to authentic Italian culture.

    But those guys have opted to embrace the American fashion for skullduggery, and choose to live on the “wrong side of the tracks” or, in this case, river.

    Same planet: Different worlds.


  8. orbea says:

    This is Serious Mum TISM did this with ‘Machiavelli and the Four Season’ – London NewYork Berlin Springvale


  9. B.T. says:

    Please tell me it’s supposed to be funny. Funny, just like a “London, Paris, Rome, Nannup, New York” t- shirt I’ve seen.


  10. David Cohen says:

    Another scalp for Teh Lazyaussie!


  11. Geoff Vivian says:

    I think it would be a sad day for Subi if they ever take that tea towell down.

    Now that it is up I mean.

    It is there to keep us humble.


  12. Geoff Vivian says:

    I like the water-cooler too. Please don’t let them take it away.


  13. perth6000 says:

    Subiaco – is there any other Perth suburb that features more mutton dressed as lamb?


  14. xald says:

    This is just embarassing.


  15. The Legend 101 says:

    Subiaco is the odd one out.


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