More than a horse’s arse

I’ve set this to post in the first minute of 2010. Cimbali sent a shot from Margaret River fit to open the new year. Worst or not worst? Does anyone like it? Certainly for technique it outdoes Alsatian Rampant, the yardstick by which all paintings are measured. But how would I know if this is great art or not?  I don’t really know what to say apart from ahh, Happy New year TWOP’s. It looks the kind of artwork That might hang over the cellar door at Bare Rooted. Anyway, those interested in purchasing the work, I can ask Cimbali to pass on the details of where you can snatch it up. 

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21 Responses to More than a horse’s arse

  1. Jackson says:

    Arse of The Baskervilles?


  2. “Snatch it up”…did you mean that? If you’ve ever ridden bare back, as she is, you’d know it’s impossible to do what she’s doing; she’s got no stirrups, although her right foot is a hand!! Weird.


    • poor lisa says:

      Good points. Also, I don’t know much about horses but I’m pretty sure the gallop doesn’t look like a springing frog.


  3. graham says:

    It looks to me like this was originally a nude, and then some sort of filmy negligee has been painted on later. The questions is why would you do that? Was it to avoid a nude controversy?


  4. rolly says:

    Merry New Year, People :)

    Of course this will sell; arse beats class every time!

    It looks like a representation of someones dream; where things that are desired are imagined in fractured and confused scenes, lacking in precise detail and continuity.

    One can only wish, after all.


  5. poor lisa says:

    Snap! I was going to say “This looks like a representation of one of rolly’s dreams”.

    In anticipation of being called a humourless feminist, let me say at first blush that I find this hilarious, as I also found alsatian rampant. Also as with alsation rampant, I see in this work a male slavering so copiously and fantastising so feverishly that he can’t really paint properly. As with alsatian rampant, it’s hard to believe someone decided to display this painting.


    • rolly says:

      “……….I see in this work a male slavering so copiously and fantastising so feverishly that he can’t really paint properly.”

      That’s real life, p.l.

      Males are, generally speaking, ‘hard wired’ that way, and no amount of wishful thinking will ever change it.

      You girls have been profiteering on it since time immemorial.


      • poor lisa says:

        I was just suggesting that, generally speaking, soft core porn is, generally speaking, more effective when a camera is used. I don’t think this picture will overtake in popularity that immortal poster of a 70’s girl lifting her tennis dress to scratch her arse. That’s because the guy used a camera so it didn’t matter if he was turning japanese.

        Be good to see some references to all those double-blind randomised trials showing that men are hard-wired to paint pictures of girls showing their cracks while riding horses in diaphanous gowns.


      • shazza says:

        Rolly this is why all women should be made to wear the burka. We can’t expect peace and progress while men are being seduced into uncontrollable lust by profiteering wench.

        PL, I hadn’t really thought of it as soft porn, but I suppose it is really.


      • hovean says:

        It’s simple jealousy – blokes envy the ability of even the plainest horse to be ridden by girls.


  6. shazza says:

    I quite like the use of colour, but I’m not sure about the rest.


  7. curious says:

    a field full of bare arsed riders.


    i did have some weird alcohol fuelled dreams last night, but they were nothing like this.


  8. David Cohen says:

    The clouds are nice.


  9. Zarquon says:

    “Does my bum look big in this?”


    • monkeypants says:

      i don’t mind this at all. a bit like shazza i like the colours – and i agree with rolly that it looks like a dream…. not worst though.

      if the measure is would you hang in your home, i would but i wouldn’t buy it.

      and this one’s for you Zarquon:


  10. trivet says:

    …..please tell me that’s not a tampon string I can see. Looks like this hard-wired male is suffering from menstrual envy.


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