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Season of the witch

I did not know there were seasons when it came to Good Sammys shopping. In any case Vic Park Sammys may have got themselves a Curtin semiotics graduate for their window dresser. 

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Shop Un-Knocked

Stopped by Madison Avenue in Vic Park, only to find the shop had (as rumored) indeed been un-knocked. It’s like the heart of Vic Park has been ripped out. By the roots. 

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I love endsetter Autos. I hope that’s a small bar application on the window. If so, don’t change a thing. Victoria Park.

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More Played

Another street meme seen by Rod W in Victoria Patk. Cones are played by the way. Totally played. 

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Victoria Park 90210

Bento points out that Vic Park is totally shitting on Beaufort Street for street art. However more baffling is what on earth has Vic Park got to do with movie making? I could understand if there was a monument to … Continue reading

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Bourbon Street Strikes Back

Endlessmurmur reports that as Teh Arrondissement flirts with faux noo yoik arse resters, Bourbon Street hits back with novelty junkie sharps disposal units. Or are they used condom repositories? Or chemical toilets? Ahh Bourbon Street. Always the bridesmaid. BTW, Mt Lawley would … Continue reading

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On the River Stxy, talk of the Twon

Endless Murmur saw this across from the former Cash Twon on Bourbon Street and read it, as do I, as a condemnation of the critics, the haters, the haterz and the hatezr who mocked a poor but honest trader without … Continue reading

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