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Victoria Park, Town of Brothels but not Oktoberfests

Dear Councillors of Victoria park. Now I hate young people and Oktoberfests as much as the next person, but I have to say I’m astounded at the attitude recently expressed that the Town of Victoria Park and locality of Lathlain … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 158

Dave P saw a meta-cock in Bunnings O’connor and an angry Jesus(?) bog roll holder.Several people sent me this. The first was The Colour H. Could have something to do with the “Climate Naturopath” Lord Monkfish being around, I don’t … Continue reading

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Knives out for Obama

By Benjamin G. Obama knives and key ring. Thing is, I know a Worst of Perther who actually bought these. And I seem to remember they were from Cash Twon!

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The Ghost Hoodie

Hazel, despite having lived in Victoria Park for several months, has only just realised that the quiet dude with the hoodie always sitting in the garden isn’t real. Sometimes someone sits with him. Sometimes he wears the hat and sunnies … Continue reading

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Wrist Cramp

You had me until “elderly respect”. Apart from that, it sounds like Rolly. Unfortunately much of the ranting is not clear. I do see “Those two fugly pricks…Buswell… ” Click for the larger view. Thanks to Vook. At the Causeway.

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WAtching is keen for this. I would have thought he could have made the effort and covered it with spunk or similar, but in any case, a nice worst. I think this is Vic Park. Home of the Angry Whopper?

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Bears, soiled with something, hopefully not actually honey from Jaidyn-Jaxxon Another from Brer Bento that seems to fit the theme, somehow. I can’t quite say why. Nice photo though. And err one monkey about to soil another, from Ian in … Continue reading

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