Coastal Boozie

Several annoying new norks have appeared down South recently. At Margaret River there’s a sculpture of a woman suckling a dolphin! Is that even legal? In any case this piece really fails the “is the location better for the artwork being there” test. This really spoils the lovely natural landscape here. Maybe in the car park or as an entry statement for the new dunnies, but not there.


Back from the beach (where the dolphin suckler should also be) is the odd but a bit less annoying “skateboarder with pointy boozies”. I’m not sure if the skirt is original. I tried to pull it off to see if there was any modelled flange, but it seemed pretty tight. In any case, people were watching.



And I can’t remember if I’ve put up “Nautical Lady” before in Busselton before, but she’s worth another look. Phwoar.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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18 Responses to Coastal Boozie

  1. Plonka says:

    Why always boobs? We rarely see knobs. Although if it were a knob sculpture and the dolphin was still suckling then it really wouldn’t be legal. Even so, I say bring on the knobs.

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  2. juantrak says:

    The area obviously needs a few busted-arse surfers to balance the busted-arm mermaid, and to give a proper representation of the areas inhabitants.
    And a nude woman suckling a dolphin definitely has some seriously sick sexual undertones. What’s next, a statue of a nude woman giving birth to a politician?? Ewwww!


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Thanks for the close up … I’ll be in my room.

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  4. juantrak says:

    What did it for you, Russell? The blindfold? – or the rock-hard, chiselled nipples?


  5. Plonka says:

    I wonder what the people watching you thought….. First you try and get her gear off and then you take a close up of her boobs! I’d pay money to see that!


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