Marg’s Savannah

Another Margaret River native. Like the southern wolf. Which by the way is no longer TWOP official wine, now the boozie bottle is in town. By NS. 

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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9 Responses to Marg’s Savannah

  1. GivDBird says:

    Morning wood


  2. you'll get wet says:

    Stumbled outta bed, went for a piss in the garden


  3. orbea says:

    Alan Bond’s catheter?


  4. rottobloggo says:

    Howling Wolves sacked as TWOP tipple? Say it ain’t so!


  5. don says:

    Got sick of natives


  6. you'll get wet says:

    Serengeti Diary
    Dear Diary
    0900. Pointed percy at savanna. Peeped over hedge nup nobody looking whew that one eh.
    0902. Couldn’t help noticing next door as there were no curtains on the kitchen window. Ugly, ugly. Pissed on my leg.
    0930. This afternoon I shall offer myself to John Day as a prototype for redevelopment of the Ascot heritage kiln stacks. I’m going to stick my neck out on this one, but I think my fake crazypaving motif gives me a head start.
    1200. Booking ticket to next South Africa Test Match at the WACA so I can abuse them. Can’t do it any more back home which is why I moved here.
    1300. Went to the zoo and accidentally ate an Indian Palm Squirrel. Boring, going home.
    1400. Kicked off the ferry! Bastards! Shall have to catch taxi. Hope I don’t get Somali driver.
    1800. Still no reply from Day. Going to reunion of Selous Scouts to sing dirty rugby songs.
    2100. Bastards made me do the Dance of the Flaming Arseholes. In Fiona Stanley for the night.


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