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An anthropologist on Uranus

Both Pete F and Perinium send in vehicles as examples of the end of…something. That these are some kind if Perth nostalgia for a time already past. A time that has risen and fallen largely in the time of TWOP. … Continue reading

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Experience the knob rot

Perineum is all wtf? Penguin Island tours full, but enjoying the boils, plagues and venereal disease of others gets nobody? Outings for the elderly. Inglewood old buffer centre.

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Chariot of the Knobs.

NF#1 notes that this vehicle has been reported – for being an abortion. Inglewood. As in “your bitch from Inglewood.”Red Hot Chillie Peppers? Haven’t had a good bad car for ages.

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The Obscenity Tree

Breathtaking Bunnings Bonsai by BuddhaLalaland. Make it stop! Makes the Cocos look attractive. Inglewood Bunnings.

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No Junk Mail

A sight as iconic Perth as the registered lawn sign – the no junk mail letterbox crammed with snail eaten rotting junk mail. Beautiful. By Bento. Inglewood. No cocos, but there is the frangipani.

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Inglewood Man

Another Inglewood verge classic, joining the ranks of Shirts! putting Inglewood into the throw out art elite suburbs. By NJ.

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Y2K still causing havoc.

It’s hard for a licence plate to make the cut these days. Boy is that genre played. But a year 2000 plate on this Ford has a lameness that keeps on giving. I hope it was an Olympic edition car … Continue reading

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Really like the vibe of this photo by Natalia Fan#1. It’s like the car itself may be part of the therapy.

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Wailing Walls

A sticker. On a pole. Inglewood. There’s your vibrancy. the sticker not the photo is pixellated. Squinters be squintin’. The girls are standing in front of a possibly meta wall in front of Inglewood wall. Budda lala land.

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Weekend Worstoff 165

Live Poets and Cosplay. We’re taking it up a notch! By Meccano, Melbourne. AndNatalia Fan#1 was sent pics of toilet doors in The (Teh) Hague. Perhaps Slobodan himself used one of them. If you still haven’t had your fill of … Continue reading

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