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You can’t nurry love…

By an associate of Michael T. Back page of The Kalgoorlie Miner.

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Portrait of Perthian Gray

“If this Perth (esplanade) can give a soul to those who have lived without one, if she (Ra) can create the sense of narcolepsy in people whose lives have been sordid and fifo, if she can strip them of their … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday Se7en

Who can’t handle the truth? I was emailed this image today: no wonder TLA is so keen to dis’ Truthers. This is the smoking gun, the bloody shoe and the McGuffin rolled into one. Connect the dots and get the … Continue reading

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I should give Orbea a rest, but his blurry shot from the front of Laminator Tard House née Lotteries House was too good. You may remember Lotteries House City West, where there are 20 plus laminated signs for every employee, … Continue reading

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Double Fantasy Ferrall Style

Less than 3 years since this, and time has not been kind to Ferrall junior and senior’s photos on their Midland place. They are somehow mesmerising though. They look somehow Dostoyevskian. Can’t take my eyes off the stars on Sean’s … Continue reading

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Putting the O back into Solo

By Hokusan, Melbourne.

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The Pipes

By The Lazy Aussie, Found in Midland. Photography Kings Park around 1975.

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Weekend Worstoff 22

I have been remiss in not putting up this shot of Paul (Knowallus Blowhardus) Murray gleefully provided by a media deep throat. Does everyone in the media including West journos also think he’s a cunt? Apparently so. This is the … Continue reading

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Colin, clear your canal mate.

A third post in one day? Normally that would be spoiling you, but Lisa just came through with this from the Perthnow website in their Ask Colin section. Lisa rightly asks, “Colin why is there something hanging out of your … Continue reading

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