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While Snuff continues his ancient slumber, a few things. Firstly. People are noticing this stream of twitter gold flowing right? “German Shepherds “may be Jewish”. Intensive DNA testing reveals the German Shepherd dogs are related to Canaan Dogs, Israel’s national … Continue reading

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Time for some sackings at The West?

I wouldn’t feel right leaving the country without one more spray at The West. Must be high time for a round of sackings of the nincompoops running The West’s online presence. Firstly it is total incompetence that The Worst of … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 22

I have been remiss in not putting up this shot of Paul (Knowallus Blowhardus) Murray gleefully provided by a media deep throat. Does everyone in the media including West journos also think he’s a cunt? Apparently so. This is the … Continue reading

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