Double Fantasy Ferrall Style

Less than 3 years since this, and time has not been kind to Ferrall junior and senior’s photos on their Midland place. They are somehow mesmerising though. They look somehow Dostoyevskian. Can’t take my eyes off the stars on Sean’s tie. Beautiful worsting by James N.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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31 Responses to Double Fantasy Ferrall Style

  1. Bento says:



  2. orbea says:

    This is why Oprah should come to Perth.


  3. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    As a matter of historical interest, this has been mentioned before. Lovely worst.


  4. Onanist says:

    “Our life, together, is so special”
    A missed opportunity on the tie there, he should have gone for the little Jesus fishies.


  5. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    Oh, yeah – simply perfect!


  6. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    I’m not sure how something can look Dostoyevskian (and frankly have no interest in finding out) but can only think that Peter and Sean owe a rather large creative debt to the influential pop art figure of Andy Warhol – .

    As such, I think these are possibly not worst and may in fact be highly collectible.


  7. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    Rendered large and close like this, we really get to appreciate their phenomenal haircuts. Peter’s classic ‘sleeping fox’ bowlcut looks very warm and would probably seem quite natural were he buried up to his brows in a small, earthy burrow until spring. As someone who as at one time been a small child it makes me shudder.

    The contrast between Peter’s woodland slumberer and Sean’s peroxide-enriched canary cowlick couldn’t be greater. Sean only really has one thing going for him here and it’s those clean, open lines from cheek to ear, leaving a thick slice of neck fat hanging, exposed and defiant, a rallying pennant held aloft for bull bogans statewide.

    All in all a fantastic worst that clings like pork fat, burns like fire. The stuff dreams are made of.


  8. Bento says:

    Magic. Finally WAToday hands Shallow Spice a crime story, and she still writes it like a fashion piece.

    I haven’t checked, but the structure of the piece leads me to suspect Our Daile is from the Nurry School of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


    • WAtching says:

      You may have had the pleasure of seeing her performance on Stateline last week. I was bracing myself for a ‘Who I’m Wearing’ routine.

      But in the end all I got was inanity and unease.


    • artheretic says:

      how dare you cast aspertions upon our Daile who
      “began her career as a reporter for regional WA newspaper The Albany Advertiser, before moving to The West Australian where she covered major news for the daily newspaper”
      and then
      “after doing the hard rounds, she swapped police chases, missing persons and health crises for features subjects including fashion, food and celebrities”
      but later
      “moved to London, where she alternated writing for health journal The Lancet with having fun at The Sun, writing about the world’s biggest celebrities, bands and entertainment events”
      after which she
      “returned to The West Australian as a fashion writer and section editor before joining the WA Today team” and now “edits the lifestyle section Your Perth, blogs about showbiz, romance and modern day living and covers social events to give an inside look at the places to go and people to see”
      how dare you!


    • skink says:

      the reason Shallow Spice decided to do her expose on glassing is that a 6PR reporter, who works in the same building as WAToady, got bashed. I would have thought that getting thumped by a complete stranger was an occupational hazard if you work at 6PR . Daile goes on to compare this to when her and her mate got shoved a bit at a gig.

      Pepper couldn’t even be arsed to leave her building to get that story:

      meanwhile pregnant women are being tasered by WA Police.

      I was glad to see Shallow Spice making every effort on Stateline to keep her hands still, even when excited by monkey news. It’s nice to think we helped her with that. I noticed that in her ‘buzz’ segment the cameraman now tries to keep her hands out of shot

      it’s clear she doesn’t follow Mediawatch if she still believes that bomb-in-a-suitcase story


      • WAtching says:

        It’s clear she hasn’t heard of Media Watch-period.


      • skink says:

        after her success with this hard news story I believe that WAToady have sent her undercover to infiltrate the bikie gangs. Her first despatch reports that she is impressed with their needlepoint skills on all those patches.

        I was reassured to see on the news last night that the Bearcat armoured car that the TRG used to ram raid that bikie clubhouse yesterday has the words ‘Rescue Vehicle’ painted on the front


  9. Rachel Pinkerton says:

    hahaha TLA its been a while since my last post ( Jaded house a couple of years back). But when I saw this I just HAD to comment !! Ive known Sean since i was 16 years old ( Im now 35) , Time has not been kind at all, he doesnt even look like this any more , cherubic face and all !! Hehehehe
    Hey TLA Im getting married in four days, now living in Wattle Grove , theres a few places up in Forrestfield I know that you could photograph as a few worsts, like theres a party hire place in berkshire road that has 4 painted cardboard cut outs of what appear to be male strippers with bad spray on tans out the front , oh and the Forrie Tavern . charming. Hope youre well!!! And keep up the good work !


    • I think something’s being built on Jaded House site. Berkshire sounds great. Any Forrotards can get it for me?


    • Bag O'Turnips says:

      I would agree RP, that time nor the sun have been kind to Ferrall The Younger.

      That image of him looks akin to a cracked porcelain brooch, where the solarised skin tones juxtaposed with his still-perfectly cerulean irises of his eyes almost render him somewhat porcine in features.


    • artheretic says:

      Rachel, keep a camera handy on your wedding day… just in case there may be worst-worthy moments… not that there will be… but, you know… just saying…


      • Rachel Pinkerton says:

        hehe artheretic it will not be susceptible to any worst moments hehehe I will make sure of that, and no Seany Sean will not be attending my wedding. He’s too much of a higher power to bother with the likes of me, although we chat on Fb sometimes. Id love to upload this double fantasy ferrall style to FB though , but gotta be careful he might pull an old cat out of the bag on me so yeah will leave this within the confines of TWOP> cheerio!


  10. hectic says:

    Peter’s possibly possessed & Sean’s gone feral.


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  12. The Legend 101 says:

    Are Peter and Sean Related? because there equally as nerdy


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