Weekend Worstoff 22

I have been remiss in not putting up this shot of Paul (Knowallus Blowhardus) Murray gleefully provided by a media deep throat. Does everyone in the media including West journos also think he’s a cunt? Apparently so. This is the man around 1987, before he got his deep insight into how right he was all the time. He seems to have a touch of the Jack van Tongerens about him. (see below). Throaty, do you have the rest of that text? If it’s saying how journos should not let their personal feelings interfere with a story, it might be relevant now.
pre fuckwit

pre fuckwit

And they looked from Jack to Paul and couldn't tell the difference.

Can you see the difference?

Link from here.

Nice typo find by Skink. Gary Ashead.



Also from The West, Poor Lisa suggests that Charmaine may be writing as well as responding in her always stupid dream interpretation column. Charmaine always seems slightly retarded. Why does The West continue with this trash? Looks like some wag (Skink, Bento?) is pulling Charmaine’s chain to me. Dreams of Jesus bleeding on an inverted cross? Death may mean a time of change in life? Gold. Perhaps we should have a TWOP event, where we all send a dream into Charmaine.

Charmaine, I dream I am a columnist for your paper. I have a massive head that looks like a half baked loaf of bread. I spout bullshit and say “At first blush”, and “methinks”, as I walk my doggie around a suburb filled with arseholes…



David Cohen highlights an excellent photo from the Hip E club’s gallery. Why is this included? Maybe they really were that fuzzy David. Looks like something that Charmaine might need to interpret. The guy at the back may have 2 mouths. Next stop Jesus on an inverted cross.

Ratbag 23 has sent in an excellent pic from Busselton. Is the spelling of Herritage deliberate? Ratbag claims not to have seen a single German near the place. Also, he’s wondering whether the club’s victims extend to rhinos, or is it just a poorly redered pig?



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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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6 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 22

  1. Paul Nurry says:

    The difference at first blush is that Jack still looks like Jack, and I resemble a grumpy cowpat. You’d think that from the outset, losing the mo would have helped.


  2. Naul Purray says:

    You are a disgrace, Lazy Aussie. Even then you can see the gleam in my eye that was going to be me finding the HMAS Sydney. I found it, but for reasons unknown (although at first blush it’s clearly a conspiracy between the Greens, the Freemasons, the CWA and the ASX) they replaced it with a prawn trawler). I challenge you Lazy Aussie to not dispute my achievements in pubic life. I have:
    – churned out millions of words for the paper;
    – written the greatest movie review ever;
    – always looked after my own interests;
    – still wipe my arse by myself.
    Who can claim to have done all this, and still find the time to walk a dog around Allen Park? No-one.
    Methinks we’ll see a wing of the Art Gallery re-named the Knowallus Blowhardus Naul Purray Art Appreciation Zone soon. There will be a giant permanent installation there of the voice of God reading my columns forever, a 100m-high pic of Meryl Streep, and an open sewer. All hail me, Naul Purray, WA’s answer to Woodstein and Bernward!


  3. Vic Demised says:

    I dunno, LA, I think Jack V-T looks WAY too intelligent to have morphed into Nurry.

    Love that shot of V-T and his mates planning the armed takeover of WA.

    J V-T: What’s first on the agenda?

    Untermensch: First, the propaganda.

    J V-T: Gut, gut. Next?

    U/M: Uniforms.


  4. Midlandia says:

    If you look closely enough, you can see the image on their ‘no coloureds’ poster. It appears to be a caricature of a tribal African, large lips and all, looking sad and despondent. If I was appearing in a Van Tongeren poster, I’d be looking despondent, too.


  5. Ashead has finally been corrected


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