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Outrage Overseas la Boozies de la Indochine

I’d admired Orbea’s back-door, and had high hopes. I just wasn’t expecting the variety. Battambang was a joy. Different colours and angles – it was a smorgasbord. We were sorry to leave the Cambodge. But the riches of Vietnam awaited. … Continue reading

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Outrage Overseas Mouth

Since we’re on the subject of food and delicious things: Singapore. What do the characters mean, TLA?

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Outrage Overseas no parking OK!

Hello comrades! We have reached the safety of Singapore, which still reeks of poo. We got into some scrapes in Cambodge and Vietnam!  In Siam Reap Krazy Kym had to stay at the hotel when I went out with my … Continue reading

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Outrage Overseas Hoi Anh C&B

From Renmark to Indochine. Krazy Kym got stuck into this, let me tell you. I trust Reign of Error is satisfied with the luxuriant pubes.

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Amenia New York

In the now traditional fashion of treating the whole planet in terms of being environs -albeit distant of Perth, BSWAM presents Amenia NY. Once again I’m not entirely certain if BSWAM understands what worst is vis a vis here. Amenia … Continue reading

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Here’s lookin’ at you C bomb

Yes. Of course I dream of worsts from Pantapin, Kwolyn and Koorda. But sometimes, you know, only Morocco will do. An ultrasound – an artist’s impression of an ultrasound, and a straight out fuck you from the dust encrusted streets … Continue reading

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The Back-doors of Angkor Wat

What it says. By Orbea. It warms my heart that he would go out of his way to get these for us. Oh, the fronts? Here. They look a lot like the blighted lions that used to be the TWOP … Continue reading

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