Gentle on your bits

It’s hard to think that there may have been a time when 6pracist was gentle on anyone’s mind. Do they mean grating on your mind? Racist on your mind? Maumillicious on your mind? Mindless on your mind? This must have been well before the house vocal style (being sodomised while being strangled) was introduced. #nf1 wisely declined to buy into PRacist gentlemindedness. Even for $3. By the way, there were no good times.


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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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27 Responses to Gentle on your bits

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    6PR actually went to No 1 during this period between 194 till 1976 after they dropped Top 40 in April 1973 they then went for a brief period a period of Nostalgia until they changed late in 73


  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    And here is Frank Avis reminicing about his days at PR during that period and his dealings with Constable Plod –

    And Ted Bull discussing his time during said format –


  3. skink says:

    charm bracelets and the Farrah flick became popular again. 6PR did not.


  4. Dave says:



  5. juantrak says:

    There were good times with 6PR and the likes of Garry Meadows in the ’60’s, when they played rock/n/roll. Then they lost their way in the early ’70’s and its been all downhill since.
    The “Gentle on your Mind” format started in 1973 and that was the start of the steady decline in 6PR.
    The TAB has owned it since 1987, so that fucks it for me – let alone listening to talkback radio full of idiots who just like hearing the sound of their own voice over the airwaves.


    • Especially when their voices are all so terrible. I cant imagine Nurry likes the sound of his own voice.


      • Scanners says:

        In his column in todays The West Australian, Paul Murray is having a go at the ABC (no, really). Amazingly he does leave it until the last paragraph before using his tried and tested; “pandering to the left wing fringe”. Isn’t it good to know that in this ever changing World in which we live in*, there’s still some reliable pices of shit for us to digest, big pieces of shit**. (*Credit: P. MacCartney. **Credit: Mighty Boosh).


        • NF#1 says:

          I never knew Paul McCartney to have such appauling grammar. Music yes, but grammar no.


          • Scanners says:

            Jury’s out:-

            “Many comments have been made over the years about the lyrics that ambiguously are either “this ever changing world in which we live in” or “this ever changing world in which we’re living”. The “in which we live in” version has been cited as being redundant and/or improper grammar. When asked about the lyrics, McCartney responded that he doesn’t remember for sure himself, but that he thinks it is “in which we’re living”.”

            My spelling of Macca’s surname, is, however, appalling.


  6. Sir Bill International says:

    Sattler has disappeared off the radar “A fish called Wander” , but Muzza continue, whose priceless items of interest are here
    A goldfish who can’t shut up.


  7. Snuff says:

    Indeed, this is Beautiful Music for those special good times that make up the happy memories of one’s life. Quiet moments by the fireside with a favourite companion… the intimacy of a good book… a candlelit dinner for two… the happiness of an anniversary. As you listen to the lush melodies played to perfection by the Melbourne Pops Orchestra led by Brian Rangott, you too will fall under the spell of music that lets you re-live those good times.

    Note : This is the back cover of the probably identical 3AK Beautiful Music VCL1-0051.


  8. GivDBird says:

    doncha thing i’m sexii…


  9. richarbl says:

    Track listing? From the cover I can only assume this is the 12″ version. Or perhaps more appropriately….. LP as in Long Play


  10. Dame Shazza says:

    I’m pretty certain my father in law had a hand in this. True story.
    I am not on speaking terms with my FiL. Another true story.


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