More Signs of the Rapture

By Natalia Fan #1. IGA. Didn’t say if it was a Supa Niga.By Mixed media, Port Coogee.By EG. On The Barrio

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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30 Responses to More Signs of the Rapture

  1. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Not a Supa Niga, but has the distinction of some dude dying in the toilet there a few weeks ago. It’s not far from where L101 claims to live – proximity to “mescalin” may explain a few things.

    Why does friendship, in the eyes of the marketeers anyway, always have to revolve around coffee? Some much more to say about that shot.

    Had that RAC poster half in the back of my mind when I wrote first line of yesterday’s sonnet.


    • RubyRuby says:

      Friendship surely revolves around the probability that someone will help you to move house? And then have a beer later? Now that you mention it, I’m seeing problems with the imageering of the concept of friendship nearly everywhere I look…

      The only time a similar concept has made me cringe so much was when Howard was re-defining “mateship” for constitutional purposes.


  2. Bento says:

    Am I missing something with pics 2 and 3?


  3. Bag O'Turnips says:

    They might bring their V8 into a nearby Barrio café under the influence of mescalin lettuce.

    That’d be a perfect storm of Worsts wrapped into one.


  4. orbea says:

    Sean McManus on 6PR all the big issues – how to rebrand the CIty of Perth
    Rebranding the City of Perth in two words:

    Int: BARRY URQUHART, Marketing Focus – on Brisbane spending $200,000 to rebrand its positioning statements; three words were used and the first was Brisbane; branding does work well; it’s the battle for the mind to drive people to your facility; Pearl of the North; Geraldton, Sunset Coast, are two good examples; on worldwide branding; the numbers of interstate and intl tourists going to WA, Brisbane and Qld is falling; have to get onto the intl register like NZ, with its 100 Pure brand; North Americans get two weeks holiday and they say if time and cost was not a consideration, they would prefer to go to NZ and then Aust; Perth has to project an image that is positive, people and is based on 70% emotion and exuberance and people will come and stay longer.

    T’back callers – on rebranding Perth in three words; all names to be presented to the Perth Lord Mayor:
    Adam, Perth, Hot but expensive.
    Patricia, Picturesque Perth.
    Sam, Perth, Fun City.
    Janet, Perth, You’ve Arrived.
    Sheila, Snafu; (Situation Normal All fed Up)
    Judy, Perth, Isolated Splendour.
    Diana, Perth, Picture Perfect.
    Pete, Perth, Boom Town; Perth, Col’s Town; (he thinks he owns the joint)
    Pam, Perth, Perfect.
    Michael, Texas (full of rednecks).
    Brett, West Coast, Best Coast.
    Norma, Panoramic Perth.
    Maria, Perth, Pure Magic.
    Louise, Perth Live Life.
    Lawler*, Destination Groovy.
    Dianne, Perth, Coming Home.
    Trish, Perth, Relaxation Heaven.
    Brian, Perth, Live the Dream.
    Carlo, Perth, Golden Nugget.
    Mark, Heaven on Perth.


    • orbea says:

      GOLD at the end of this list

      T’back callers – on rebranding Perth in three words:
      Roscoe, Perth, Signature City.
      May, Perth, Going Backwards; Perth, Lacking Vision; he love Perth; it’s a crack at Local and State Govts.
      Tina, Perth on Earth.
      Bob, Perth on Swan.
      Fran, Perth, Hidden Secret.
      Janette, Sun inthe Fun. (one word for in the)
      Cheryl, Surf into Perth.
      Jack, Utopia is Perth; Perth is Hidden Utopia.
      Rob, Perth, Pretty and Perfect.
      Yvonne, Perth, Yours, Mine, Ours.
      Brent, Perth, Heaven, Paradise.
      Fey, Perth, Exciting, Relaxing.
      Bert, Perth, Progressively Active; Perth, the Aussie Event.
      Rachel, Perth, Sunshine Waters.
      Elvis, Perth, Living Dreams.
      Jocelyn, Perth, Live It.
      Peter, Perth, Secret Hideaway.
      Howard Sattler, Perth, Beauty, Bottler.



    • B.T. says:

      Ahem. As a North American, you’ve got to do better than a vapid slogan to get me to vacation here.

      First you’ve got to get me to understand where here is. We have no clue. I could barely find the place on a map when my company said wanna go to Australia for a few years. (my other choice was some frozen shit hole in Canada). Hey here’s another stupid slogan… Perth, at least it’s not Canada.

      Then you have to do something about the cost of everything. That part really freaks us out.


    • The Bartender's Skills with a Manhatten says:

      “Perth has to project an image that is positive, people and is based on 70% emotion and exuberance and people will come and stay longer.”

      The 69% you’re giving now just isn’t pulling in us NA punters, it seems.

      What is the other 30% supposed to consist of? Why do I think it isn’t Actual Things to See That People Would Travel Thousands of Miles For?


  5. The Legend 101 says:

    Thats expensive why dont you go to woolworths there $1.99 there so save some cash.


  6. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Can’t help but feel that Bento among others is missing the point of this post. Three signs of the rapture: drugs in supermarkets; the mechanical nature of 21C friendship shown for what it is; and bogan car culture elevated to the level of normalcy. TLA as the contemporary John of Patmos. All we need now are the four Holden lions of the apocalypse: Mining Boom, Zumba, Facebook, and Internet Porn.


  7. Yes and yes. And all who sail in her. 4 Holdens of the apocalypse yes too.


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