The Best Ten Worsts One Year In

Sniff it

The Top Worst

The Lazy Aussie’s Top ten worsts from the blog’s first year. You may have others.

Triumph of The Worst. The Worst of Perth has public art removed from City.

The giant arsed aboriginal sculpture got laughs from all over the world. I don’t think the artist was ever identified.

World’s worst painting discovered in Perth. Alsatian stares up deformed woman’s genitals. (My #1)

Brian Burke works the room, the room being 1980’s McDonalds

Oi Cunt! Strangely abusive posters from the Curtin Student Guild.

Advocating the wearing of shirts to facilitate success. Subtle worst. Favourite of many.

Tiny Pinder’s giant donger finally tracked down

The North Face. My favourite letter box.

Barra non Grata. Poor old Adrian Barich. Graffiti not removed fast enough to stop The Worst of Perth. Archived forever now.

The Mud Men of Mount Lawley.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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26 Responses to The Best Ten Worsts One Year In

  1. David Cohen says:

    What a fucking disgrace: not one of them mine.

    This has to be the worst list ever dreamt up in Perth.

    From now on I’m sending all my material to Perth Norg.



  2. Snuff says:

    Every single post deserves to be on the list, TLA, but this one had the following effect on me


  3. forkboy says:

    Congrats Lazy…… there a booze up planned for this Anniversary?…………….or are you going to go “low key” and let it slip under the radar?


  4. poor lisa says:

    Top not worsts:
    Your photos – drunks, Kingswoods at a pub, a night watch man in Roe St, I can’t remember what they were posted under.

    Is your list in 1-10 order? Cos Alsation is still my absolute favourite worst.

    Paul Murray also needs recognition for the outstanding achievement of not even having any contenders behind him for 2nd-worst journalist in Perth. He is his own top 10 worst journalists.

    Thank you for a fun year. Nice writeup in that wanky in site magazine too.


  5. I should do, but will I get around to it?


  6. Oh, yes, Alsatian is worst. Will correct. Those are posted under classics.


  7. Poor Lisa, was I in In Site? Didn’t see it.


  8. Cookster says:

    I always knew that while Burkie would help fuck up yet another ALP election, I was always on a winner with him in that shiny green apron…

    Has Teh Rage subsided?


  9. Bento says:

    Alsatian definitely Worst of the Worst.

    It was ‘Deckard the Halls’ that really drew me into the TWOP bosom, however. From the tagline, to the ensuing discussion of Spiderman’s Undies and Alexander Downer’s Leg, I was hooked.

    Congrats LA. Perhaps drinkies at the Ling? Or the Pen?


  10. Most improved poser poster : Greg Hoey.


  11. skink says:

    how has Greggy improved? by not showing his face around here?

    any ‘Best of Worst’ must surely mention YWL’s


  12. David Cohen says:

    Teh ‘Rage not subsided. Blood still boiling. Have kicked over stumps, spat dummy, having tanty. “Indoor voice please, David,” employer is saying.


  13. poor lisa says:

    Oh and seeing skink just reminded me I would also nominate the Italian pop-art porn that gave us the special sound effect ‘spruut’ or whatever it was, and nice pictures of men with mustaches.


  14. David Cohen says:

    “Tempted” by my Rotto frangers. Note he doesn’t say where they would be on the list – probably #168.


  15. skink says:

    I think the Triumph of the Boozies deserves to get top billing, because it is the sole instance of TWOP moving beyond the navel-gazing sniggering of metrocentric twats (TM), and succeeding in making this city slightly less crap.


  16. Vic Demised says:

    I came in late, LA, but I’m in for good. What a fabulous boon you have become for Perth tourism!

    I was sitting at the site of the (now-vanished) sculpture-lump worst at the railway station today, thinking how your website has achieved so much, when the space formerly occupied by that abominable piece of limestone became occupied by two plain-clothed cop cars. I was about to take a photo to show how much things had improved when I got some VERY dirty looks from four fat cops. Think again, Vic! Self-preservation before satire!



  17. Paul Nurry says:

    At first blush, I Paul Nurry am also outraged that I Paul Nurry didn’t make the top ten. Not fucking outraged, because as you remember, seeing Gordon Ramsay’s show shocked and outraged me, and wounded the feelings of a sensitive journalist like I Paul Nurry. When he said “Fuck”, at the outset, I hid behind the couch, quitely weeping, rocking from side to side with my fingers in my ears.

    What about that stuff about nig nogs and Idid Amin I cut and pasted from a 30 year old Punch magazine? Methinks top ten material at first blush.


  18. Snuff says:

    Trust the poms to get the headline wrong, Paul. Clearly it should have been “Australia goes all Nurry”. I hope the flower arranging is helping.


  19. Johnny Nonation says:

    Happy Birthday worstofperth – from an uncaring unconcerned citizen. Let the Perth degradation continue – it is exciting! State of Excitement? State of excretement (sic)?


  20. And The Boy looked at Johnny…
    Thanks unconcerned. You’ll be first on the ferris wheel?


  21. Cookster says:

    Teh ‘Rage – noice post in The Post today.. always good to see ‘penis’ get a rin the the western burbs. You could have said, however, that ‘prominient WS blogger, teh Cookster, wa a top 10 winner’, sheesh!


  22. David Cohen says:

    cheers Cookie. there was as much chance of you getting a mention in my story as there is of Margaret Court wearing a strap-on aboard a tennis float at this year’s Pride festival. if I’m not submitting top 10 material then i’m not giving a plug to people who are. plus you haven’t given me any free smoked octopus for ages. (actually i am submitting top 10 material – it’s just the powers-that-be believe i am not – sulk sulk sulk).


  23. Scurrilous says:

    A great year of Worsts, LA. I have been kept amused for many a long hour when I should have been more productively employed.

    Speaking of top worsts, did anyone see Paul Murray’s article in Saturday’s Worst? He assures us all, at first blush, that Sarah Palin is more than ready to take on the job of US President should McCain shuffle off the mortal coil. From his complete idealisation of her, methinks he might come in his pants if the republican team wins in November.

    Perth is lucky to have such an experienced and qualified journalist, whose opinions require no factual substantiation whatsoever.


  24. Snuff says:

    Thankfully, I didn’t see it, Scurrilous, but like McCain, he’s probably fantasising about her CPR skills.


  25. poor lisa says:

    He also said ‘she’s sexy’ as if that qualifies her to be vice-president. Dickhead.


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