Beware the amateur signwriter. If one approaches you, and you don’t have a nail studded cricket bat, tell them you have already decided on microsoft clip-art. Is that lizard licking..? No, no, couldn’t be.

rainbow lodge

No seriously, beware of them. East Perth. Vehicle Loans.

rainbow lodge

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About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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44 Responses to Rainblow

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  2. If you’re lucky you’ll get a blue-tongue


  3. CK says:

    Tigtog! Fancy meeting you here!

    I must say, though, this has a touch of the Amateur Aboriginal Arts about it.

    Which is to say that amateur aboriginals are as bad as amateur signwriters anywhere.

    I think this might also qualify for worst web design:


    I’m guessing it used to be a brothel. Or maybe a church. Perhaps a pub or disused public toilet/dolphinarium.


  4. Hairy goanna dreaming. Ozstraliayana , we have coming out our pouch.


  5. David Cohen says:

    the Rainbow Lodge site says: “They say its always the right time to discover new friends (and yourself) at the Rainbow Lodge.”
    A maxim just as appropriate for the Stirling Arms.


  6. Just come back from getting a picture of the Stirling Arms, or “ling” arms as the sign says David. Will post it at some time. Also visited the Centrepoint “precinct” in Midland. Can I say “What a fucken shithole”? Oh yeah it’s my blog, I can. I have taken a week of worsts in that small area alone.


  7. Rage says:

    The best part is the startled look on the joey’s face. It’s like he’s trying to forewarn you.


  8. Jim Crow says:

    Sorry Jim, your comment edited.
    Jim had some comments on Rainbow Lodge that, while in the spirit of TWOP, I’m not sure I can put them up.
    Sorry mate. Just need to be a bit careful now TWOP is getting more well known. Lazy Aussie.


  9. David Cohen says:

    It’s good to be careful. When TWOP gets its first lawyer’s letter it will be a momentous day! But that comes with publishing. I drove past the Rainbow Lodge yesterday (and almost drove into a pole seeing the joey in the flesh) – good to put a place to a name.


  10. I was sure there was a brothel down there somewhere. That’s what I was looking for, but was satisfied with Rainbow Lodge.


  11. flynn says:

    LA, you were looking for a brothel but got “satisfied” with the Lodge? Cheap thrills!


  12. David Cohen says:

    Esteemed site creator, you are perhaps referring to Casey’s, the purple building at the other (southern) end of that bit of Claisebrook? By the way, Rainbow Lodge is an anagram of God, e blow rain.


  13. Is it worth a pic? I didn’t want to google the address, because if I search for Perth brothels, TWOP is usually ranked number 1 or 2.


  14. David Cohen says:

    I don’t think so. Could be any old freshly-painted residence in East Vic Park or Doubleview (although the red Xmas lihgt edging is pretty naff). See http://caseysmassage.com.au/ (on the ‘Virtual Tour’)…


  15. CK says:

    Does this count as worst virtual brothel?


  16. CK says:

    Oh, sorry. I didn’t realise they’re calling them ‘Pleasure Centres’ these days.

    They’re close to Hoyts and Timezone, right?


  17. Well the owner of Caseys , Cher Golding , does keep a low profile compared to the ex-owner of Langtrees , Mary-Anne Kenworthy.


  18. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Hey I just checked out that Caseys site and they are an AWARD winning pleasure centre – what was the award, did I get to vote?


  19. lisa says:

    What about a cross reference, Worst Backpackers?

    I nominate Mad Cat Backpackers in Stirling St (used to be Theo’s Music). I drove past it this morning and there was a blowup doll hanging out of a 2nd story window and a guy passed out on the verandah. Imagine coming to the other side of the world and staying in a place like that. I am sorry I didn’t have my camera.

    Also in Claisebrook precinct is the Youth With A Mission compound, which possiby comes under the banner of Worst Church, or maybe Worst Sinister International Cult Headquarters.


  20. David Cohen says:

    Those kids at the Mission are peculiar. Not much Missioning seems to be going on. They’re either on the payphone across the road, buying coffee, lying on the grass or slowly crossing the road. Youth In A Trance?


  21. Sounds like it’s worth a visit. If I don’t make it out, can someone come and reprogram me?


  22. Lisa, i’ve got a pic of the NEW Theos in my stack. It has sinister kiddies playing instruments. It is also right opposite City West massage.


  23. meccano101 says:

    David, some other anagrams for Rainbow Lodge [they all seem strangely appropriate] :

    Balding Wooer
    Debonair Glow
    Bawling Rodeo
    Reloading Bow
    Adore Blowing
    Loading Bower
    Adoring Below
    Gonad Blowier
    Wearing Blood
    A Dingo Blower
    A Doing Blower
    Low Bad Region
    and many many more……


  24. A Dingo blower. I like that.


  25. meccano101 says:

    I thought you would like that one.


  26. Remind me never to get into an anagram fight with you.


  27. lisa says:

    I am glad to hear there’s a new Theo’s.

    You’re right about peculiar David.
    But they do do a bit of missioning. When I was at home on maternity leave not far from YWAM, two of them came around with some written material and when I said I wasn’t really interested, they offered to do my vaccuuming. I keep a spotless house so I said no.

    Also, YWAM buy up houses in Highgate and cram them full of American kids. I’ve seen at least 4 of them.
    At first I thought they were dodgy backpacker places, because you look in these front windows and see 4 racks of bunk beds, and on the verandah is usually a goateed type strumming a guitar. Then you hear what they’re singing, and you don’t see any bongs or condoms on the lawn, and you know it’s Battery Christians cleverly disguised as alternative inner city kids.

    In 2004 the night GWB was re-elected, there was this resounding cheer from the compound. Watch out people, they might look like a Potters House for the 21st Century but they’re actually quite sinister….


    • S. B. says:

      I stumbled onto this site while researching places to visit in Perth.

      I wanted to reply to your post because not only do I volunteer with Youth With A Mission, Perth – but I would like to invite you to the friday night evening services that have are open to the public 7-9pm. Granted they are like Church services so you may not be interested if that isnt your thing.. but know that your welcome also to visit anytime to really get to know who we are and what we do around the world. Someone would be to schedule a tour and explain what we do.
      In the meantime our main site:

      Our training facilities are nationally and internationally accredited, and YWAM is well known as a good organization in the US and Canada so that may be why you see/hear so many ‘North Americans’. But Actually on average there are quite a few Europeans, Asians, and Africans…

      As for political affiliation: You said it yourself we are international. Many of us educate ourselves to what is going on and may personally get involved – as a whole and a non-profit we do not .. but as for the noise.. there are plenty of times through out the week there is alot of noise.

      A sample of what we have been doing in Perth (When we are not sending teams around the world) :
      Australian Relief And Mercy Services is an arm of YWAM: http://www.arms.org.au/default.asp

      So next time you are thinking of us.. or you see that hippy looking guy on the porch. Say ‘hi!’ We don’t bite. Promise.


      • And that’s how to answer after seeing a post on The Worst of Perth. Others, particularly concrete purveyors take note.


        • poor lisa says:

          Having been ‘answered’ by gxxx hxxx a few times, hard to fault for total politeness and turning the other cheek, very sweet S.B.

          Oh my god I suddenly turned into my grandmother.


          • Some miss the chance to turn publicity to their advantage and would instead prefer to look like loosers and plonkers.


            • orbea says:

              bring your own nails


              • Gotta love Perth says:

                I was invited to go to one of those meetings awhile back, it only confirmed what people have said here. It’s a different planet. It’s like a christian sect. I wouldn’t bother going to the meeting though, it is just a big (really long) church type thing. Most people are nice and seem genuine but everyone looks busy and for that matter exhausted. The person running the meeting was from Australia but everyone else seemed to be from Canada. I couldn’t believe all these young people wanted to sit through such a boring meeting. The lady went on and on and on.


  28. meccano101 says:

    ‘A Blow Ignored’ is a ‘blood rage win’
    I should have stopped ‘A dingo blower’


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  30. Alyson says:

    hahaha. reading your comments about the ywam base is pretty funny.
    i was actually a student there in 2006. are they a bizarre group of people? yeah, pretty much. but, they’re not sinister. they’re just in their own little world, and think they’re “making a difference.”
    i remember the rainbow lodge. i almost tried to stay there, rather than stay at the ywam base my last week. i needed my space away from all those young mostly american kids. (even though i’m american) haha.


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  34. RubyRuby says:

    Saw this for the first time today with the lovely graceful rebuttal from the YWAM rep.

    Sign with the kanga – is that related at all to the signs around Freo with stickers on them saying “stop breeding”?


  35. The Legend 101 says:

    Where is this and if i can stay there and use the internet for free im in.


  36. poor lisa says:

    It’s a goner (the YAWM compound is already gone), to be replaced by a big lifestyle opportunity


    • S.B. says:

      Nope, not really a gone, just moved around the corner. Yes that beautiful place on 9 Robertson. Go take a look. It has expanded all the way onto Gladstone street behind it.

      Ironically –and you may get a kick out of this– the Rainbow lodge is currently renting/leasing their previous building.

      To the authors of this site. After reading this and other posts, and living in Australia while working with YWAM for the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve learned to appreciate the Aussie humor. So thanks for the laughs!

      Im back in my home country for a while, but know that you are welcome to check out the new facility, Im sure its opening soon. If I was there Id personally give you a tour!


  37. Oude Orlo says:

    The Rainbow Lodge. Safe heaven of the damned. Looked dodgy, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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