Weekend Worstoff 12

Was quite a good worst week this week, possibly highlighted by Skink’s amusing stoush with Howard “Riddance” Sattler on the Fairfax blog, with the moderator deleting both Skink AND Sattler at one stage. The post on The Fairfax Online experience will soon be the most read and most commented on in TWOP history, even more than The Worst of The West Australian.

David “Teh Outrage” Cohen took the time to post a TWOP Perth reference on Wikipedia. Thanks Outrage. I hope it stays up. We also looked at how it is not possible to use a dolphin in graphic design without it looking terrible. I found this I hadn’t posted from when I photographed Rainblow Lodge.

The Bedford Crackpot gave me this in a seething rage. He seemed to think that this along with the TV ads casting public transport users as losers who should be driving a gas guzzling Ford as possibly criminal. Thanks Cracks.

This is more like it from another Ford seen in Cannington. Far more wholesome than the ad. Demonstrating that its panels are so strong that only a monster skeleton could break through.

An outside worst from my “real photos collection. An ad for a male prostitute on the 3rd Ring road in Beijing. A prostitute ad scatched into the city’s own filth/ Ring Road? it was all too much.

Have a good weekend.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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8 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 12

  1. The BCF says:

    yep that *k’n Ford Ad is a genuine f*k’n Outrage! So much for saving the F*kn planet and lets all use the bus – NOoooooooooononononoNO!!

    Lets all buy a fuckoff fourwheel drive and fuck em all!! After all we’ve all got shitloads of cash and we’re so rugged out here in australia – hell!! Dont we ALL need one??

    Sure and while we’re at it lets all have 10 more kids and chuck a few more million tons of gas into the atmosphere and then abandon them half way through to fend for themselves!!

    Why not import a few more million overseas workers while we’re at it – shit theres so much to do!Busier than a one legged man in an arse kickin contest thats us!!

    “You’ll be amazed by the new territory SR ?”…..? Fuck i am!!


  2. The BCF says:

    ….Hang on! – or were the looks on the faces of those good folks in astonishment that some fucker would get around in a frightening peice of shit like that in this age of enviro-enlightenment?? Jesus i dunno anymore – too much Gruen transfer!!


  3. Frank Calabrese says:

    Bill Johnson gets stuck into the The West at the ALP State Conference :-)



  4. My Chinese character reading isn’t too good.

    Don’t tell me it says: “For a good time ring Jian on 55436148”


  5. You still in Beijing FX? It says male prostitute with a QQ chat number. Head over to third ring road overpass.


  6. I’m not in Beijing ( although … ” I sometimes rather fancy ..”) I am missing my breakfast pancake from the hole in the wall near XiSi junction and missing my au$0.80 large green bottle of local beer with each meal.

    I went to Kaohsiung in Taiwan (Land of the Scooter) to stay with the daughter for a few weeks and now I’m home in leafy suburban Melbourne adjusting the central heating every few minutes and wearing one of those grandad fleecy tops, best known for attracting cat fur, from target or k mart.


  7. I also miss the large bottle of beer with every meal for a few cents over there. Beijing is one of my favourite places. You’ll no get a male prozzie at Beijing prices in Melbourne either.


  8. I haven’t checked out the prices for rent boys since I’ve been back in Melbourne. However if you are coming over and youse need one I’ll get a quote for yas. Just the basics for one I assume?


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