Something Rotten in The State of Rottnest

Another excellent submission from David Cohen of Rottobloggo. You’re becoming TWOP’s West Bank correspondent David. When The Lazy Aussie was a young Rotto visitor, there was a dark and seedy amusement centre behind the latticed milk bar, with worn pool tables, broken pinballs and what is now called fuse-ball. Later Galaxians was the game to play. Now visitors have Brett “Jobby” Heady’s Family Fun Park. Somehow Rottnest Worst is different to Perth’s. The tatty and the substandard are exactly right for the place, indulged with a smile and permanently linked to the nostalgia of an endless summer. David says…

Torn felt. Leaf and twig obstacles. Little mounds of quokka shit. The mini golf course at Brett Heady’s Family Fun Park on Rottnest has all this and more for the discerning putt-putt player. There are even temporary water obstacles after a downpour. The course is the most dilapidated feature of BHFFP, putting the worn air hockey game in the shade. It’s one of the worst features of Rotto, but that is also part of its charm.
rottnest island

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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7 Responses to Something Rotten in The State of Rottnest

  1. meccano101 says:

    It looks like those arial shots of Vietnam just before it was napalmed. Any more shots David?


    • Busboy says:

      Heh, yeah. It’s a ‘cool story, bro’ but here goes. I thought it was an aerial shot of an agricultural field when I first saw it, with some huge fcuking chasm of a shaft excavated in it like a butthole into the earth, and a sort of large lake in the lower left that perhaps served as a natural reservoir. And then I was like, oh, it’s minigolf. On Rotto. On an overcast day. How depressing. Makes me want to go to the Rotto pub, which is also depressing. But at least they have beer.


  2. Nettie says:

    Ahhhh, memories! The very first time I ever went to Rotto it absolutely pissed down and my younger sister and I played mini golf for hours in the rain.
    Best time I’ve ever had on the island!


  3. Rolly says:

    Haven’t been on the isle in thirty years but it seems that standards are being properly maintained.


  4. I’m hoping David may have a pic of Brett Heady sluicing the quokka shit from the greens.


  5. Laser says:

    I admire this mini golf course which seeks to replicate the ‘divots’ on the green just like a professionsl course.
    In the immortal words of Henry Ford (on vacation) “you can choose any club as long as it’s a ‘putter'”!


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