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Not Bogan Enough

Trash it. Not bogan enough. Don’t you have something more like this?

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Bed the Wench

I don’t know what it is about beds, but some of the most bits of furniture have been beds. I saw some nice pieces at Empire on Beaufort when I was there on Arrondissement Day, but this wasn’t one of … Continue reading

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Dad’s dead, sell the chair.

We’ve had some ugly chairs, and we’ve had some really ugly chairs, and some that are almost sublime in their ugliness. But this one is regal in it’s grand hideousness. Looks like they couldn’t wait for dad to cark it … Continue reading

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Some superb worsts are to be found at Todd’s Auctions in I think Maida Vale. Perhaps Forrestfield. These elephant chairs transcend hideous. They were also at the height of milking stols, so I’m not sure why you’d sit on them … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 73

Thanks to all who bought a Worst product yesterday. Will be more in the next few days. If you want a calendar or card with a specific image, I will also make those available. Now more fucking Future Perthers are … Continue reading

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Couch Surfing

You may have heard of couch surfing, arranging casual accommodation around the world. This literally surfing couch certainly has “location” for the traveller, in the river next to the Kwinana freeway around Comer Street Como. I thought it could be … Continue reading

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Crazy Horse – or is that cow?

“My lands are where my dead lie buried.” Crazy Horse Would this encourage you to leave your child at this facility? Even if your dead were buried there? East Perth.

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A House is not a home…

Mr_JC rightly asks why we haven’t featured Tony Sadler before. How worst is that guy? That voice that droned like a dying dog in Perth heads for how long? 35 years? “A house is not a home without Tony Sadler.” … Continue reading

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There may be a flaming homosexual inside.

Well at least we know where the flaming falcon guy lives. Or is an outside wardrobe the hallmark of a front garden toilet kind of guy? The vicious dog warning is a nice touch. Highgate. Test view this worst location … Continue reading

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